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Knowledge Base

IPC2U Presents: How To Avoid Critical IoT-Gateway Problems
An IoT gateway is required to connect all IoT devices and equipment, such as systems and sensors, to the cloud. In principle, IoT-Gateways are not equipped with failover capabilities. They are unfortunately repeatedly affected by interruptions. Read how our partner NEXCOM has solved this problem.
Advantech's Intelligent Infection Control Solution
Advantech company, a global leader in industrial computers and automation systems development, has released its complex solution for temperature measuring in public places.
How to set up NPort? The example of  NPort IA5150 set up
How to set up NPORT for the most popular modes is given: RealCOM is a virtual СОМ port for a PC, TCP Client, TCP Server.
NPort: have you enabled all security features?
Checklist for the cybersecurity measures on Serial-to-Ethernet converters.
Industrial networks protection with MOXA
Accessing the problem and complying with the users’ requirements, MOXA has started to develop the cybersecurity line by actively integrating additional functions and releasing new devices that conform to industrial security requirements.
Connecting a COM port directly to a cloud
Connecting COM devices to an Ethernet-based network requires special knowledge. Furthermore, the development of industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and convergence of CAM and IT demand more and more devices to be connected, making communication difficult
Cryptosecurity of data using NPort 6000
The main feature of NPort 6000 series is the opportunity to encrypt traffic using SSL v2 encryption protocol and to protect the access to the device itself.
MXview from MOXA: What is new in the 3.0 version?
The software from Moxa MXview is designed for network management, configuration, monitoring and diagnose of Ethernet devices in industrial networks.
Connecting devices with COM ports to Wi-Fi network
How to connect a RS-232/422/485 interface or Ethernet device to another similar device or a PC, when another device is located far away and cable laying is too complex.
How to obtain data from several RS-232/422/485
It often happens that it is required to connect a RS-232/422/485 interface device to another similar device or a PC, however, this another device is located rather far away or is placed awkwardly.
Fiber optic converters in Ethernet networks. Application instructions
Ethernet over Copper to Fiber converters (media converters) are rather simple devices with no complex additional settings.
Configuring a managed switch - VLANs, RSTP, Turbo Ring, Turbo Chain, Port Trunking, Port Security and Port Mirror
In this article you can read how to configure the main functions of managed switches like: VLANs, RSTP, Turbo Ring, Turbo Chain, Port Trunking, Port Security and Port Mirror.
Full range of equipment for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
Industrial Internet of Things changes the traditional picture of interaction between men and machines. Combining data acquisition over Internet and analytics, it gives a new look at improvement of efficiency and optimization of business processes.
How to create a RAID array on an industrial computer?
RAID Configuration Guide
Is a touch screen not working? Let’s look into it!
In industrial segment, the most popular devices equipped with a touch screen are panel computers and monitors. Typically, the questions on touch screen work arise during device operation – How to connect? How to configure? How to calibrate? etc.. Let us have a closer look at these issues.
How to choose an optical fiber link and an SFP module?
This short manual can help you to solve the questions:What fiber optics to choose? What is the difference between a single-mode and a multi-mode cable? What cables suit an SFP module? What distance can be there between SFP modules?
What is MQTT and why do we need it in IIoT? Description of MQTT protocol
Alongside with rapid industry development, there grows the number of devices required for data management and receipt.
What is the difference between managed and unmanaged switch?
Managed switch gives you detailed control over your LAN traffic and offer advanced features to control that traffic. An unmanaged switch  simply allows Ethernet devices to communicate with one another.
The difference between NPort and MGate: which should you choose?
Engineers often have trouble deciding between NPort and MGate in their work.  The answer lies in their specifications - let’s take a look!
How to increase the number of COM ports on the computer?
This short article will suggest you 5 ways, how to increase the number of COM ports (RS-232, RS-422 or RS-485 interfaces).
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