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Custom Design

Made-to-Measure: Individual Custom-Design

As a competent solution partner, IPC2U not only supplies ready-to-use, high-performance embedded systems for use under technologically harsh environmental conditions, industrial single-board computers (SBC), peripheral components and automation solutions as well as accessories for embedded and stand-alone applications. IPC2U also offers semi- and full-custom designs in different performance classes with various input/output configurations, processor classes and types in variable software environments.

Custom Design 1
Custom Design 2
Custom Design 3

IPC2U provides a wide range of embedded products and services, from standard and modified SBC to high performance turnkey systems for harsh environments. Despite the enormous spectrum in the product range for standard solutions, sometimes even the highest standard for individual customer requirements is not sufficient to adapt a system to its own corporate design, to implement technical requirements for which standard components are not sufficient or to optimize ease of use. Beginning with the simple adaptation of standard modules, through the integration of customer electronics to full customizing, all levels of the customer-specific solutions are possible.

  • Optimization of the computer configuration
    According to the requirements of your application, e.g. with/without PROFIBUS, PROFINET, additional Ethernet/IP, BACnet, HART interfaces or optical drives

  • Optimal selection of the required components
    Concerning performance, long-term availability and compatibility, e.g. processor, fan, RAM, etc.

  • Client-specific housings
    3D CAD design and manufacturing of special housings and mechanical adaptations

  • Customer-specific hardware and software development
    Development, validation and manufacture of boards as well as creation and adaptation of customer-specific operating system images (Windows Embedded and Linux)

  • Installation of your specifically defined hardware
    e.g. third-party hardware, such as devices and PC cards, or other individual hardware provided by the customer

  • Optimal adaptation at board level
    Extension of interfaces, changes to the board layout, adaptation of components to customer requirements

  • Adaptation to assembly requirements
    Rack mounting, DIN-Rail switch cabinet mounting, wall mounting, integration into machine housing or into an existing control panel

  • Software environment and installation
    Selection of the optimal operating system, BIOS adaptations, individual software solutions for IoT, M2M and automation

Whether stainless steel fronts for the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries or specially protected solutions for renewable energies, oil & gas production and processing, capacitive multi-touch controls for medical applications around the operating room, HMI for production automation in the automotive industry and general mechanical engineering or shipbuilding - IPC2U develops customer-specific industrial PCs for demanding applications and intelligent systems. IPC2U's strict quality control also enables ISO9001 certification of your individual solution. The continuous provision and maintenance of high-quality standards is of course in your interest as well as ours.

IPC2U has many years of experience with individual customer-specific designs and supports its project partners from the very beginning. As a manufacturer of robust embedded solutions, IPC2U develops industrial PCs and cooperates with well-known manufacturers in long-term partnerships. Development and construction are carried out with the most modern equipment in Germany in compliance with the highest ISO9001 quality standards. A defined process guarantees a fast and efficient implementation from the idea to serial production. Perfect logistics ensures the production and assembly of customer systems and just-in-time delivery. IPC2U is the ideal project partner for any industrial company that depends on reliable embedded computer solutions - worldwide project experience with highly sophisticated systems in a wide variety of industries and our focus on reliable and long-term available design for harsh environmental conditions are our arguments.
10:55 05.06.2023