Efficiently Manage Large-scale Network with UNC-NMS

21 December 2023 Knowledge Base
PLANET's UNC-NMS Network Management Central Controller, equipped with an LCD UNC-NMS by Planet | IPC2U, provides direct monitoring for up to 102,400 nodes across 100 sites through NMS-500 by Planet | IPC2U or NMS-1000V-12 by Planet | IPC2U, NMS-1000V-10 by Planet | IPC2U. To ensure compatibility, deployed devices like switches, routers, APs, VoIP phones, and IP cameras must adhere to MQTT, SNMP, ONVIF protocols, and PLANET Smart Discovery utility. This enables centralized administration from a central office, significantly enhancing network and power management efficiency.
Key features of PLANET NMS solution:
· Centralized control for up to 102,400 nodes
· Free system upgrades and licenses
· Intuitive dashboard, topology, and map views for efficient network management


The NMS Controller features an interactive dashboard that provides instant insights into the status of managed sites, including network routers, switches, access points, and PoE statistics. Administrators can efficiently overview device status through the Network Summary and Mapping window, with quick access to detailed information via dashboard function buttons. In a VPN network environment, the site management page allows monitoring and management of deployed nodes, facilitating prompt identification of disconnection issues through displayed faulty events or log-in pages.

Efficiently monitor and manage your network within minutes with the NMS Controller. The Device list information web page offers a comprehensive overview of managed devices, NMS agent dashboard, topology view, AP control, and event and log viewing functions. Gain valuable insights into wired and wireless network statuses through data-driven graphical charts for each site, enabling real-time visualization of system usage and node status.

Optimize multiple sites with the Topology Viewer featuring maps, allowing quick location of NMS agents and minimizing on-site support and monitoring costs. The NMS Center Controller supports up to 100 sites, providing real-time centralized monitoring with an email alarm function for prompt issue resolution.

Utilize statistics for the top 10 events to manage network traffic and PoE power effectively. The NMS system offers power consumption analysis and an unloading management mechanism, allowing administrators to flexibly operate based on power demand, achieve energy savings, and ensure the overall safety and stability of electricity consumption in various environments such as companies and factories.

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