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Product Reviews

The highlights of the first half of 2020
Once again in 2020 a lot of interesting things have happened in the field of industrial IT hardware. We have established partnerships with new manufacturers, that add further facets to our product range, and our long-term partners have introduced new and interesting models as well.
Review and configuration of tSH-735 gateway with a function of 2 Masters on 485 bus
Any type of protocol, including Modbus RTU/ASCII, is supported.
Industrial PC with PRP/HSR
iROBO-1000-10i2-PRP-G2 for implementation in Energy Industries.
High speed input-output module PET-7H16M with Modbus TCP
ICP DAS has released a new high speed Ethernet input-output module PET-7H16M with support of Modbus TCP protocol featuring the sampling rate of up to 200 kS/s per channel.
3.5-inch processor boards from ICOP based on the Intel processor
3.5-inch CPU boards by ICOP based on the Intel processor
“Extremely cold” MPC/EXPC series Panel Computers and MD series Displays by MOXA
MPC, EXPC, MD series Panel Computers and Displays
The commercial EDR router from MOXA: why a basic firewall won’t do
Protection from unsanctioned access. The key differences between a computer router and an industrial EDR router.
Choosing NPort
NPort are serial interface servers that are designed to connect devices with RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 interfaces to an Ethernet network and transmit the data without any changes to it.
Converting protocols via MGate
MGate is a gateway series that converts protocols and interfaces. For example, the MGate MB3180 converts the RS-485 interface and the Modbus RTU protocol to an Ethernet interface and the Modbus TCP protocol
ATOP PG5900 Gateways
A new protocol gateway series, PG5900 can withstand harsh environments and comply with industrial EMC requirements.
Video review of the popular industrial fanless panel computer APPC-1740T from Nexcom
Video review of the APPC-1740T fanless industrial Intel Celeron J1900 Quad Core panel PC.
How to configure MOXA Turbo Ring under 60 seconds
Configuration walkthrough.
How to connect WISE-5231 to IBM Bluemix in less than 3 minutes
This video shows how to configure the setup of the IoT controller WISE-5231 to the cloud-based IBM Bluemix service.
14:20 19.09.2020