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17 February 2021 Product Reviews

The year 2021 has once again surprised us with a number of very interesting new developments fr om our old and new partners, first and foremost the innovative Mini PCs and fanless servers from our new partner Prime Computer from Switzerland. But also manufacturers like Nexcom, IEI, ICOP and many others, with whom we have been working together for years, have not been idle in the time since our last highlight compilation. With this article we would like to review some of these news and also present some of our bestsellers, which will not lose any of their relevance for the industry in the coming year.

PrimeServer Pro: AL-PSPR-12C-64G-512GB-WIFI – The completely fanless server solution


The PrimeServer Pro from our new partner Prime Computer are designed completely without fans and rotating parts. This makes them completely silent and therefore also suitable for noise-sensitive scenarios, such as medical practices or sound studios. The fanless design also makes the servers insensitive to dust and dirt that accumulates in industrial environments. The servers can be installed in a 19" rack or freestanding as a standalone solution if no rack or server room is available. Despite being fanless the computing power is still very high thanks to Intel Xeon CPUs. Up to six SSDs can be installed in RAID 0/1/5/10 arrays in hot-swap frames and the servers feature high connectivity via 4x Gbit LAN, 2x 10Gbase-T Ethernet and 2x 10Gbase-T SFP+ interfaces as well as WiFi.

PrimeMini 5: AL-PMFI-i5-16G-250G-WIFI-CLAN – Compact dimensions, strong computing power, highest quality


With their 8th generation Intel Core-i7/i5/i3 processors (Whiskey Lake), the fanless PrimeMini 5 mini PCs from our new partner Prime Computer offer enormous computing power in the smallest of spaces. The NUC-sized computers also offer up to 32GB of DDR4 RAM and can accommodate two SSDs, one in the classic 2.5" SATA III format and another as a super-fast M.2 NVMe flash disk. Since the surface area of a mini PC is limited, the PrimeMini 5 also provides the option to expand the native interfaces with additional interface modules and thus adapt the computers to the application. The computers meet the highest quality requirements and are designed for longevity and cost efficiency during operation. The warranty period is accordingly also a full five years.

NISE-3900E – The new classic


Released in 2020 as the successor to the popular NISE-3600 and NISE-3800 series, Nexcom's redesigned NISE-3900 has quickly established itself as the new industry standard. Available with two different chipsets to sel ect from and current Core-i CPUs fr om Intel's 8th generation (Coffee Lake) and up to 16GB DDR4 RAM, the fanless embedded PC offers enough power to handle demanding and compute-intensive tasks in the fields of industrial manufacturing, visualization and automation. In addition to the standard NISE-3900E model with PCIe expansion slot, there are other models with two PCIe, two PCI or one PCIe and PCI slot each. Another model offers RAID 0/1 via two externally accessible drive bays for applications with high or critical data traffic. The NISE-3900E is one of our bestsellers and is always available from stock.

BPC-5080-1A1 – Compact, fast, flexible, affordable


With the BPC-5080-1A1 Arestech offers an extremely versatile embedded PC. It has a high number of interfaces (including 8x USB, 2x RS232/422(485, 3x DP), CPUs from Intel's 8th generation (Coffee Lake) from Celeron to Core-i7, up to 32GB RAM, two internal 2.5" bays with RAID 0/1 support, a wide operating temperature range and a wide range voltage input. The compact dimensions and an attractive case design do another thing to make the computer a real all-rounder, even in tight spaces, under harsh environmental conditions or in application areas wh ere the computer cannot be hidden. An also extremely attractive price has made the BPC-5080-1A1 one of our best-selling systems and is always available for immediate delivery.

WLPM-V00 – New PPC generation with AMD processor and quad display option


Thanks to AMD Ryzen V1605B CPUs, the new WLPM-V00 series of modular PPCs fr om Wincomm offers the possibility to connect three additional independent displays, wh ere intel-based PPCs only allow a maximum of two. The AMD Radeon Vega 8 GPU, which delivers 3.6 TFLOPS in FP16, thus makes the PPC ideal for graphics-heavy applications. For this purpose, an embedded box PC is connected to a display, which is available in different versions and sizes. In addition to the already mentioned 3x DP, it also offers 2x USB 3.2 Gen. 2, 2x USB 2.0, 2x RS232/422/485, dual LAN and an externally accessible drive bay for easy maintenance.

DRPC-230-ULT5 – New DIN-Rail PC: High performance in a small package


With the DRPC-230-ULT5, manufacturer IEI has once again focused on designing an excellently equipped DIN-rail PC that is flexibly suitable for many application scenarios, rather than offering a large number of specialized devices. The devices are equipped with Intel Core-i5 or Celeron CPUs of the 8th generation (Whiskey Lake) and offer an enormous number of interfaces compared to other DIN rail PCs, including 3x Gbit LAN, 6x COM, 7x USB, 8bit DIO, HDMI and DP. Furthermore, the DRPC-230-ULT5-i5 even offers a full-size PCIe x4 Gen. 3 slot for expansion cards. 2.5" disks can be installed in addition to M.2 drives, and a 12-24VDC voltage input covers all common cabinet supply voltages. Together with the wide operating temperature range from -20°C to 60°C, the DIN-Rail PC is suitable for a wide range of tasks. Being able to use just one model for a wide range of applications considerably reduces maintenance and repair work and thus helps to save costs.

VEX2-6427-10C4VNE – 3.5" embedded board with ten COM ports


With the VEX2-6427-10C4VNE, ICOP introduces a new 3.5" embedded board based on ICOP/DMP's own x86 processor Vortex86EX2 with a clock frequency of 600GHz and is equipped with an enormous number of ten COM ports for use in industrial environments. Like all boards from ICOP, the VEX2-6427-10C4VNE is also designed for high economical efficiency, robustness, durability and long-term availability, which is essentially based on the fact that the company has made itself independent of Intel's product policy thanks to its own CPUs. The board has an operating temperature range of -20°C..70°C, but is also available with -40°C..85°C. It contains 1GB onboard RAM, beside the 10x COM also 4x USB, 2x I2C, 2x PS/2, VGA, LVDS, optional 2x CAN and 12bit ADC. Two optional miniPCIe slots can be used for functional expansion and one SD card slot for mass storage. Besides Linux, Windows 7 and some other operating systems, the board is also executable under DOS.

iROBO-40615-37T2 – Future-oriented technology in classic format


Even in 2021 the demand for classic IPCs in 19" rack format will not stop. IPC2U takes this into account by always expanding its own brand iROBO with new models based on current chipsets and processor generations. Our new upscalable iROBO-40615-37T2 has a Q370 chipset and can accommodate CPUs from Intel's 8th and 9th generation with up to 128GB DDR4 RAM. The range extends from inexpensive Intel Celeron processors up to the high-performance CPU Intel Core-i7 9700 with eight cores and a base clock frequency of 3.0 GHz, which can even be increased up to 4.7 GHz in boost mode for peak demands. According to Intel's roadmap, the CPUs have a life cycle support of 15 years and will be available until 2033. Like all 19" 4u computers, our iROBO-40615-37T2 offers a large number of internal and external expansion slots to integrate the system into plants and production environments.

QBiX-Pro-AMDA1605H-A1 – Low cost quad display solution


To meet the growing demand for fanless embedded computers with four graphics outputs, our partner GigaIPC has developed and launched a compact box PC with AMD Ryzen CPU. In addition to the powerful AMD Ryzen V1605B 2-3.6 GHz quad core CPU and up to 32GB RAM, the PC offers an enormous number of connectivity options for peripherals such as 4x COM, 4x USB, 2x Gbit LAN and 4x HDMI despite its small dimensions. It is therefore perfectly suited to take on graphics-intensive tasks in the industrial sector, as well as in the areas of digital signage and surveillance. The GigaIPC typical low acquisition costs do the rest to make the PC interesting for many users.

EPD-3133 – Energy-efficient and economical paper-like display


The Electronic Paper Display EPD-3133 from Avalue represents a new generation of display panels in the field of public signage. The display is monochrome and presents content on a white, non-backlit surface, not unlike a sheet of paper. Static (non-moving) displays such as timetables, route maps, street maps, menu cards, directional signs, price boards, etc. do not consume any energy during display. This is only required briefly when the content is changed. Since the displays do not use backlighting but, like a paper notice board, use ambient light, they are perfectly readable even in direct sunlight. The screen diagonal is 31.2" and the display board is powered by an integrated Intel Celeron processor from the Apollo Lake generation. The connection to the control center is made via LAN, WiFi or 5G/LTE.

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