19" Industrial Сomputers

The industrial computers for automation into the 19” rack with enhanced reliability and wide range of functions are designed to solve the data processing, collection and storage problems.

Within our product line the following types of industrial computers for the 19” rack are represented:

The industrial computers for the 19” rack are used in the spheres where high reliability, fault tolerance and functionality are required, which are the following:

  • Light and heavy industry
  • Power industry
  • Military industry
  • Production process automation
  • Data storage and processing systems
  • Hardware platforms or workstations

Functionality of industrial computers for the 19” rack

All models of the industrial computers for the 19” rack are characterized by high performance, wide set of I/O ports and numerous CI/PCIe slots for installation of full-size expansion boards. Robust steel casing secures electromagnetic interference protection, whereas storage drive bins with vibration resistance prolong the HDD lifetime.

The major peculiarities of industrial computers include as follows:

  • Robust steel casing
  • Efficient ventilation system and dust protection
  • Electromagnetic interference protection
  • Watchdog timer
  • Long term operation
  • Extended temperature range
  • Compliance with IEC-61850 standard (solutions for power industry only)

Industrial computer for the 19” inch are characterized by high reliability, high level of mean time between failures (MTBF) and affordable price. In IPC2U catalog you can find not only basic models of entry level, but also highly efficient systems with power and data back-up.