Embedded PC, Industrial Box / Mini-PC

Embedded PCs are high-technology multifunctional computers of a miniature size. These computers are designed to build compact embedded and mobile systems within limited workspace environment, as well as by specific dimension and weight requirements.

As a rule, embedded PC can be placed not only on the table, but also on any suitable surface, whether it is a wall or a control cabinet. Despite their small size these computers conform to the high reliability, functionality and performance requirements.

Embedded PCs are applied in various modern spheres:

  • in industry (for control and management systems, data collection, storage and transmission systems)
  • in transport (to collect data on transport vehicle units and devices, information on passengers amount and route and then transmit it to the dispatching unit, as well as to inform about the emergency situations)
  • in video surveillance and security systems
  • in service payment systems and queue management system
  • for building automation, dispatching and engineering systems control
  • in medicine (to process data by means of diagnostic equipment, for electronic appointments for patients, personal data processing and storage)
  • in highway traffic flow monitoring systems, overspeeding control and video recording of road traffic incidents

Functionality of industrial embedded computers

  • They are able to compete with full-size computers due to their low energy consumption, low heat generation and noise level, and ability to operate without cooling fans
  • Embedded industrial computers are not equipped with internal moving parts and have thoroughly designed system of internal connective cables. This provides reliable 24 hours 7 days a week operation and lifetime of a system
  • Such computers are able to operate in broad temperature range (both at extremely low environmental temperatures, and on hot summer day with no additional air cooling systems), as well as in aggressive ambiance conditions

    The application of industrial embedded computers in oil and gas sphere, power production and other industrial spheres allow the enterprises to stay up-to-date and increase production efficiency.