Box Embedded Computers

NISE-105-106 Serie
The series of the Box PC or Compact Box PC is a series of space-saving embedded computers with a square base that can meet practical requirements as well as aesthetic requirements. Thanks to their clear structure and strict design, the compact PCs can be operated, installed and wired easily. Important interfaces are provided on the front for direct access, while there are additional inputs and outputs for power supply, multimedia and industrial control on the back. Typical representatives of the Compact Box PC series are the NUC Industrial Mini PC, which were developed especially for applications such as digital signage and public presentations.
Depending on the processor, the compact PCs of the NUC series are offered in a fanless as well as in an actively cooled design. Different models from the Intel x86 family are available, ranging from the extremely efficient Intel Atom to the versions of the Intel Celeron to the 4th generation Intel i3 / i5 / i7 CPU with the code name Haswell. As a result, the NUC compact box PC can be extremely precisely aligned to the environment in terms of performance and operating costs, but retain their high level of compatibility and their usual range of functions without restriction. In addition to a very high computing power, these embedded computers also have very fast graphics processing, which is required for the control of digital signage with high resolution and the use of multiple displays in Full HD 1080p or beyond. The vast majority of Box PCs offer Twin- and TripleView with two or more individual screens for the output, which is implemented via HDMI or Mini DisplayPort or a combination of both formats.

For their universal applicability and upgradeability, compact box PCs like the NUC series use very powerful hardware, which in addition to single and dual-core CPUs also include the option of installing very extensive RAM memory up to a capacity of 16 GB. Data can either be made available locally via magnetic hard drives and SSD with mSATA connection or via the network. Additional capabilities such as mobile Internet in 3.5G / 4G LTE or WLAN can be retrofitted via the expansion with corresponding modules in the Mini PCI Express format. As a result, the NUC Box PC can also very well take over digital signage in public places including streets and squares and serve different tasks and goals from marketing to advertising to public viewing at major events. Thanks to its low energy consumption and the use of a mobile CPU and current-efficient hardware, cost-effective 24/7/365 operation is also possible.

Because of their attractive design, their clear construction and their high performance, the compact box PCs are often used in representative surroundings where a high level of equipment has to be combined with aesthetic considerations. With its clear shape with rounded corners and subtle colors, the NUC model series combines classic elegance with practical functionality and blends in with conservative and modern styles. The use of flexible input voltages of 12 volts DC even enables mobile use, for example as an entertainment system for train or bus travelers, in which all the advantages of modern multimedia applications can be accessed.

In addition to their core area in digital signage, compact box PCs are also suitable for other uses, including industrial use, thanks to their universal configuration with USB, serial ports in RS232 / 422/485 and PCIe mini slots. They can be installed as stand-alone, as desktop PC, thin client or wall mount and can therefore be precisely attached to their place of use in almost any environment. Other options include HTPC in private environments with high demands on their hardware or use as terminals in public spaces such as libraries, internet cafes or information and customer care.