Industrial Automation Software

Software for controllers programming is called a development system. The "executive" software installed in the controller operates it in accordance with algorithm given by a user.

OPC server is an interface for data exchange with any type of device. NAPOPC and MX-AOPC UA OPC-servers represent Modbus OPC-server, as they support Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP protocols.

OPC DA (Data Access) servers are frequently used. They have a number of functions for data real time exchange with PLC and other devices, as well as OPC UA (Unified Architecture) server, which has been modified and is cross-platform compatible.

SCADA -systems allow to:

  • program the logics of devices operation in IEC 61131-3 languages
  • obtain data from various devices via standard protocols
  • make automatic decisions in accordance with a given algorithm
  • monitor and archive data

Functionality of software

Development systems allow to program the logics for controller operation.

SCADA-systems are capable to process the obtained data, display and archive it, control the work of various devices automatically and inform the users.

In this section you will find software for controllers programming, such as SCADA Trace Mode 6 (with support of ICP DAS controller programming), ISAGRAF 6 and ISAGRAF 3.5, as well as SCADA systems: Trace Mode 6 and INDUSOFT.