ADVANTECH become a leader in creating reliable, innovative products, services, and solutions. ADVANTECH offers complete system integration, hardware, software, embedded, and automation development services. ADVANTECH works closely with partners to help create complete solutions for applications in various industries. The company's mission is to increase the level of automation and the number of embedded computing solutions on the planet, improving working and living conditions.

Advantech Products

  • Foundation Date: 1983
  • Total Number of Employees: Over 8000 people
  • Represented: Taiwan, USA, Europe, China, Japan, Korea e.t.c.
  • Technical Support Centers: In more than 95 cities and 23 countries
  • Production Facilities: Taiwan and China

ADVANTECH Manufacturing Facilities

The company employs over 8000 individuals engaged in the development, production, and sale of new industrial products. ADVANTECH has two major production centers dedicated to manufacturing state-of-the-art industrial equipment.



ADVANTECH produces a wide range of products designed for various applications, including panel computers, workstations, embedded solutions, CompactPCI solutions, single-board computers, data acquisition and processing devices, controllers, signal normalization and conversion modules, multi-port boards, software, and much more.


ADVANTECH Certifications

ADVANTECH values the quality of its products and confirms it through the following certifications:

  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 9001
  • OHSAS 18001
  • RoHS
  • WEEE
  • Authorized SONY Green Partner

In addition to these certifications, ADVANTECH offers special industry solutions that meet industry standards and hold the following certifications: EN-50155 for railway transport, IEC-61850 for the power industry, Class 1 Division 2 for the oil and gas sector, and DNV for maritime applications.


Company Ideology

ADVANTECH is embracing the era of the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing with a new slogan that reflects the company's modern style: "Enabling an Intelligent Planet." Alongside the expansion of its existing product line, the company is shifting its development strategy towards promoting comprehensive IoT embedded solutions.

Advantech aims to allocate significant resources and workforce to strengthen its presence in vertical markets, leveraging its proven solutions to support cross-industry platforms and web-based technologies.

Advantech has been at the forefront of creating and developing high-quality, high-performance computing platforms since 1983, enabling it to offer end consumers comprehensive system solutions, including modern equipment and software tailored to their specific requirements.