MOXA's cyber security solution for industrial networks

17 November 2021 Knowledge Base

MOXA is not only a manufacturer of switching equipment. The company also provides a complete solution for protecting network infrastructure fr om cyberattacks. This solution includes the following components:

  1. Secure network infrastructure. Most of MOXA's products come with basic security features such as network management, network segmentation, access control, secure remote access, and data encryption. These features are the foundation for building a secure network.
  2. Industrial safety solutions. MOXA offers additional network protection using the latest cybersecurity technologies. This is implemented in the following products: Firewall, Industrial IDS and IPS Intrusion Prevention Systems, and Security Dashboard Console (SDC) software. Integration of IT and OT systems opens up additional opportunities for attackers to attack, but industrial security solutions can protect your networks from cyber threats, both internally and externally.
  3. КTeam of CSRT (Cyber Security Response Team) specialists. MOXA has a dedicated team of cybersecurity specialists who are always ready to respond to any equipment vulnerabilities found and quickly fix them.

MOXA Industrial Security Solutions include the following products:

  • Industrial IPS Firewall EtherFire IEF-G9010,
  • Industrial IPS IEC-G102,
  • Security Dashboard Console (SDC) software for IPS and Firewall management.

Key IPS features for network protection against cyber attacks


Protocol filtering

Whitelisting critical asset protocols


Two modes of IPS/IDS operation

Adapting to the current situation by quickly switching between detection and prevention modes


Intrusion detection

Detection and blocking of malicious cyber activity


Improving network visibility

Improved network visibility with asset identification and network analysis technologies


Virtual patching

Helps prevent exploitation of vulnerabilities on devices using Virtual Patch technology

IEС-G102 series


IEС-G102 series is an IPS cyberattack protection system, designed for rapid detection and effective prevention of network intrusions. The IPS IEС-G102 system is configured via the web console (GUI). On the main page of the graphical interface, users can see the current status of the device, connected ports, device load and other parameters.

IEF-G9010 series


IEF-G9010 series is a compact industrial router with IPS/IDS network security and Firewall/NAT support. The web console (GUI) of EtherFire IEF-G9010 practically does not differ from the web console of IPS IEС-G102. On its home page, users can also see device status, resource utilization percentage, and other parameters.

Security Dashboard Console software and secure network infrastructure architecture

The Security Dashboard Console (SDC) software is a centralized security platform that manages industrial IPS IEC-G102-BP series devices and IEF-G9010 firewalls. SDC enables centralized analysis of critical assets, network analysis, and automatic updates of device templates and firmware.



Completed projects

Project: Automation of a car workshop and an assembly line


One of the world's automobile manufacturers has been hit by a major cyberattack and has been forced to spend significant resources to get its businesses back to normal. The cyberattack not only led to a drop in profitability, but also damaged the company's reputation.

To ensure business continuity, its networks need to be resilient to disruptions and cyberattacks. To prevent future cyberattacks, the South Asia branch of the company began to search for solutions in the market.

The task

  • Any new measures that will be introduced should not interrupt existing processes.
  • All devices must be effectively managed, as well as all security incidents on 20 production and assembly lines must be tracked.

The solutions and the results

MOXA offered a solution for this problem, based on modern network protection technologies.

  • To ensure a minimum recovery time of the network within 50ms, MOXA suggested using the Turbo Ring network recovery technology.
  • MOXA’s Industrial Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) EtherCatch will help track malicious activity on the network.
  • With MXview and Security Dashboard Console (SDC) software, the client will be able to remotely and centrally manage all network devices, as well as track various security incidents.

Project: Automation of a factory and production lines

A global relay manufacturer in China would like to ensure that they are ready for Industry 4.0 when building a new factory and modernizing their production lines. In addition, considering the increasing number of ransomware attacks and various government regulations, the company intends to increase its defense against cyberattacks.

The task

  • The company plans to deploy a large-scale network of devices in 4 buildings, wh ere 46 production lines with 60 devices in each line are installed. Therefore, a comprehensive and future-proof network solution with scalability is needed.
  • The company produces critical components that are integrated into the global electricity supply chain. Any disruption in production processes will damage not only profits, but also the company's reputation. Therefore, the company considers the parameter of network availability a priority in this project.

The solutions and the results

In this project, MOXA proposed to build a factory network from end devices to the control center, which will allow the solution to be scaled in the future.

  • To ensure the uptime of the network, MOXA suggested using the Turbo Ring technology, which supports network recovery times within 50ms. In addition to network redundancy, MOXA switches have robust security features that provide a high level of network protection.
  • MOXA’s industrial firewalls EtherFire with built-in intrusion prevention system (IPS) provide a high level of protection against cyber threats from the network core to the network endpoints.
  • With MXview and Security Dashboard Console (SDC) software the client will be able not only to remotely and centrally manage all network devices, but also track security incidents.

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