MXview from MOXA: What is new in the 3.0 version?

25 April 2019 Knowledge Base

The development of the major network monitoring software.


The software from Moxa MXview is designed for network management, configuration, monitoring and diagnose of Ethernet devices in industrial networks. MXview It provides an integrated management platform that can discover networking devices with assigned IP-addressed and support of SNMP/ICMP protocols installed on subnets. All networking components can be managed through a WEB-browser from both local, and remote devices in any time at any place.

Features and advantages:

  • Discovery and visualization of networking devices and their physical connections
  • Centralized configuration and firmware management for Moxa devices
  • Lots of options for events and notifications
  • Support of third-party devices with MIB files via MIB-browser
  • Complex reports, including data about traffic and availability
  • Integration with SCADA / HMI applications
  • The support of a MXview ToGo mobile app for remote monitoring and notifications
  • The provision of RESTful API and web-widgets for integration of MXview into industrial applications

Visualization includes:

  • The support of up to 2000 Moxa devices and SNMP/ICMP devices within a scanning range
  • Visualization of status and role of network redundancy protocols connection channels
  • Visualizing VLAN groups
  • Checking security status of networking devices in accordance with industrial security standards
  • Visualizing network traffic allocation
  • Visualizing the device front panel, including ports and LEDs
  • Visualizing power consumption of a managed device with PoE

Network diagnose and event notifications:

  • Discovery of problems in real time using SNMP-trap function of informing or periodic polling
  • Tracking bandwidth utilization and packet error statistics
  • Recording network events and playing the past ones
  • Support of Syslog server for centralized notifications management
  • Customized event notifications, notification sending via SMS, email, SNMP-trap or locally using a software notification
  • Device availability monitoring in real time


  • Keeping reports on device availability and backup for up to 90 days
  • Making a complete report on device properties
  • Making a report on network traffic change
  • Centralized configuration and firmware management
  • Massive recording of device configurations and firmware upgrades
  • Creating a backup of the whole MXview database, including topology, events and device properties with a single mouse click
  • Planning periodic configuration backup
  • Tool for comparing changes between two different configurations

Mobile application for network monitoring:

  • MXview ToGo mobile app for remote monitoring and notifications
  • Identification of smart devices using a QR code increases operation efficiency
  • Device Locator with the mobile application reduces location time in the field

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