IPC2U visits Axiomtek

19 July 2021 Knowledge Base

IPC2U is happy to share with you our visit to Axiomtek, our partner which began its path as a business integrator 30 years ago, and now suggests solutions for automation, transportation, networking, computing, retail, gaming, and healthcare.

The product managers kindly presented solutions for transportation and AI applications. You are welcome to watch the video and to find out more about the listed below products.

Products, presented in the video

EN-50155 certified devices, good for real-time data collection
Railway monitor P6105 with 24V DC
Railway monitor P6105 with 110V DC
Railway box PC tBOX510-518-FL with Intel Celeron
Railway box PC tBOX510-518-FL with Intel Core i7

Railway and in-vehicle surveillance applications, best for passenger information systems, TIoT, and diagnosis

tBOX300-510-FL with 4 hot-swappable SATA-drives
tBOX300-510-FL with Intel Core i3
tBOX300-510-FL with Intel Core i5
tBOX300-510-FL with Intel Core i7
tBOX300-510-FL with Intel Celeron

tBOX500 with value-added I/O modules, which enables customizing the ports, 15 models

UST100-504-FL compact in-vehicle solution with Intel Desktop processor, can be used for image processing, like automated number recognition for police cars.
UST100-504-FL with Intel Core i5
UST100-504-FL with Intel Core i7
UST100-504-FL with Intel Celeron

AIE100-903-FL: ultra-slim computer with 1 PoE port to connect camera, for safe outdoor usage in smart city and smart retail.
AIE100-903-FL with CPU Board GPU NVidia Jetson Nano
AIE100-903-FL-NX with CPU Board GPU NVidia Jetson Xavier NX

AIE500-901-FL computer with more ports, designed for industrial automation applications
AIE900-902-FL powerful computer for computer vision, robotic and drone applications

eBOX671-521-FL Intel solution, which can support VPU accelerator, good for edge computing
eBOX671-521-FL-DC-6GbE with 6 Gigabit-Ethernet ports
eBOX671-521-FL-DC-4PoE with 4 Power-over-Ethernet ports
eBOX671-521-FL-1030 with GeForce 1030
eBOX671-521-FL-1050 with GeForce 1050

eBOX800-900-FL rugged all-waterproof (incl. antennas and ports) computer for outdoor environments and surveillance applications, with 10 kV power surge protection.

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