BRK-2841M – an industrial MQTT server for IIoT device communicationAdlink’s newest ATX IMB-M47 mainboard supporting 12th/13th generation Intel processorsEDS-G2005/2008-ELP/EL series. Moxa’s new approach to industrial unmanaged switchesiEi’s new Micro-ATX board based on 10th/11th generation Intel CPU - IMB-Q470Axiomtek’s eBOX630A-11U powered by 11th Gen Intel Core-i delivers performance and features in a compact packageWinmate’s widescreen energy efficient marine panel computers: W12IE3S-MRB1FP and W15IE3S-MRB1FPGOT317B-ADL-TRD: a new panel PC based on Intel Core i Alder LakeLP-2841M – a new PAC controller based on Linux OS with Cortex-A53 CPUAplex’s compact panel computers ARMPAC based on i.MX8M (Cortex A53)Compact and functional Mini ITX board MANO566OnCell G4302-LTE4-EU cellular routers: a new stage in the development of industrial communications LTE Cat. 4 by MoxaWinmate’s new energy efficient panel computers - R15IE3S-PTC3, W15IE3S-PTA3, W22IE3S-PTA3 and W24IE3S-PTA2Axiomtek’s P115-ADL-TRA: a high-performance panel workstationXP-9x88-IoT: a series of Win-Graf controllers with Windows 10 IoT OSAxiomtek’s new panel computers based on Intel Celeron J6412 CPUNew releases from Nexcom: Motherboards supporting 12/13th generation processorsIPC964A - dependable fanless system with four expansion slots by AxiomtekNew Winmate direction is development of ground control stations for dronesEasy setup: Functional EC2 series EtherCAT I/O modulesOptimizing Signal Processing: tSG-3781B/L Converter, 4-20mA to PWMAIG-101 series gateways: MOXA’s ready-made IIoT solution for Modbus devicesiWSN-9603 series: wireless 3-phase smart network metersAXP-9000-IoT: the new controller series running Windows IoT 10 EnterpriseAxiomtek’s new steel panel computers: GOT-815A-TGL-WCD, GOT-818A-TGL-WCD and GOT-821A-TGL-WCDNew development kit based on SCM186 SMARC module2I640HL CPU board with integrated Hailo-8 AI acceleratorPortwell’s NANO-6064: a new Nano-ITX processor boardCentralized user account management in Weintek’s HMI panelsNSM-205PFx-24V: a series of Ethernet switches in a metal caseAxiomtek’s new panel computer - GOT-318A-ELK-WCDLatest 12th generation motherboards by ASRock industrialWinmate’s 13" M133TG tablet gets an updatecMT2128X: Weintek’s new 12" HMIGW-7838-M – a protocol gateway for connecting M-Bus devices with Modbus TCP/RTU onesECAT-2094P: an EtherCAT I/O module with 4 channels for stepper motor control and 4 channels for incremental encoderNew 43” industrial panel computer - W43IF7T-PCA3The production of Ariesys industrial laptops with a battery compartment is resumedAIE800-904-FL: an IP67 rated computer for AI applications powered by NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NXDNM-848VI: a series of voltage converters with isolated channelsSHB160: Axiomtek’s new PICMG 1.3 CPU board based on 12th generation Intel processorsSG-3784M - 4-channel current converter 4 ~ 20 mA to 4 channels of PWM signalWoMaster MP614 Series: Industrial 14G L3 Managed M12 PoE Switches for Public Transportation SystemsPortwell has introduced PCOM-BA02GL, a new mini COM Express moduleEtherCAT 4-axis stepper motor control module ECAT-2094DSICOP VOX-070-TS-N8M: A Versatile Ultra-Compact Platform for Demanding Embedded ApplicationsNSM-208GP: 8-Port Gigabit PoE unmanaged switchTransport panel computers with 14" display diagonalIIoT I/O module MQ-7260AM