NEXCOM NViS 57164/NViS 57244: Streamlining Security with Integrated PoE in a 1U Rackmount NVR

11 July 2024 Product News

NEXCOM NViS 57164/NViS 57244: Revolutionizing Security with Integrated PoE in a 1U Rackmount NVR

NEXCOM has unveiled its latest NViS 57164 and NViS 57244 models, specifically designed for 1U rackmount NVR applications that require integrated Power over Ethernet (PoE). These advanced NVRs, powered by Intel®'s latest Core™ processors, promise to streamline the installation process and reduce the need for additional network infrastructure, making them ideal for security control centers and monitoring facilities.


Streamlined PoE, Network, and Integration Management

The NViS 57164 and NViS 57244 come equipped with comprehensive PoE management features, including camera connection status monitoring, PoE power management, camera PD recognition, and real-time power consumption tracking for each camera and overall usage. The built-in network management supports DHCP and MAC address detection, allowing for automatic recognition of MAC addresses during setup and eliminating the need for manual configuration, significantly simplifying installation.

Moreover, NEXCOM provides SDK and API support, enabling users to seamlessly integrate the NViS 57164 and NViS 57244 into their existing environments, thereby reducing development time for hardware installation and configuration.


Uncompromising Performance and Efficiency

These NVRs are powered by the latest 13th and 14th Gen Intel® Core™ processor series, featuring the revolutionary Performance Hybrid Architecture. With support for up to 24 cores, these processors balance performance and efficiency, handling intensive tasks with ease. The Intel UHD Graphics 770 controller further enhances real-time monitoring capabilities, supporting the latest DP 1.4 and HDMI 2.0b standards.

Robust Video Surveillance and Storage Solutions

The NViS 57164 and NViS 57244 offer impressive recording and storage capabilities, accommodating up to four 3.5-inch hard drives with a total storage capacity of up to 22TB. Equipped with Intel RST technology, these NVRs support RAID 0, 1, 5, and 10 configurations for data backup and redundancy. Additionally, the inclusion of a Trusted Platform Module (TPM 2.0) with BitLocker disk encryption technology ensures the security of stored video data. This comprehensive storage solution provides ample capacity, data protection, and advanced security measures for reliable video surveillance operations.

With these cutting-edge features, the NEXCOM NViS 57164 and NViS 57244 stand out as powerful, efficient, and secure NVR solutions, perfect for modern security infrastructure needs.

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