Video Recorders and NVR Systems

Video-recorder is a video surveillance system device that performs recording, processing and storage of the data from video cameras, represents and retransmits video and/or audio-signal, controls steerable cameras and/or zoom-lens video cameras.

We present wide range of models designed especially for operation in harsh conditions (vibration, mechanical impacts, electromagnetic interference and low temperatures).

Functionality of video-recorders of industrial application

Video-recorders can be distinguished according to the amount of connected cameras, hard drive capacity and archivation type, amount of supported video formats, integrated video analysis, amount of processes that can be performed simultaneously.

The input information can be obtained via network from IP-video cameras, as well as from analog video cameras connected through special adapters, i.e. video encoders.

The choice of a video recorder greatly depends on the operational conditions. In our catalog you can find models for application in residential facilities, as well as industrial production facilities and transport.

Intellectual capacity of video recorders allows to significantly increase efficiency and reliability of video surveillance system, in particular, by reducing a human factor.