iSN-104-E–4-channel Liquid Leak Detection Module (Ethernet version)

10 July 2024 Product News

ICP DAS Introduces iSN-104-E Liquid Leak Detection Module


ICP DAS has launched the iSN-104-E , a cost-effective, intelligent liquid leak detection device designed for direct control triggering and audible alarms. TheiSN-104-E can be seamlessly integrated with various monitoring systems to enable remote alarms and remote device control without requiring additional conversion modules.

Product Overview:

The iSN-104-E Liquid Leak Detection Module is capable of monitoring double-core leader cable lengths of up to 500 meters and comes with an extended cable and liquid leak detection cable included in the package. This module can easily integrate with other network-connected acquisition hosts, making it suitable for real-time leak detection in critical locations such as computer room base stations, warehouses, libraries, museums, and industrial sites. It can also monitor air handling equipment, refrigeration units, liquid containers, pump tanks, and similar equipment.

Communication with the iSN-104-E can be programmed based on Modbus TCP/UDP, with the capability to configure different addresses via hardware for Modbus TCP/UDP communication. The module supports Ethernet and PoE, facilitating easy integration into existing HMI or SCADA systems, ensuring hassle-free maintenance in distributed control systems.

Key Features:

  • 4-Channel Liquid Leak Detection: Capable of monitoring multiple areas simultaneously.
  • Audible Alarms: Triggers alarms for water leakage and cable breaks.
  • Mute Button: Allows for silencing the audible alarm when necessary.
  • LED Indicators: Five LEDs display the status of power and alarms.
  • Extended Cable Lengths: Liquid leak detection cable and extended cable can be up to 500 meters.
  • Adjustable Sensitivity: Allows for precise detection settings.
  • Modbus TCP/UDP and MQTT Support: Facilitates seamless communication with other systems.
  • Redundant Power Inputs: Supports both PoE and DC input for reliable power supply.


    The iSN-104-E is designed for water pipe leak monitoring in buildings and offers two working modes:
  • Leak Detection Cable Mode: The liquid leak detection cable is installed near potential leaking pipes or areas to detect leaks and cable breaks, triggering an alarm.
  • Leakage Probe Mode: The leakage probe is installed at fixed potential leak locations to detect leaks.

    The iSN-104-E is suitable for monitoring water pipes, fire pipes, and sewage pipes in buildings, as well as detecting domestic water, drainage, and electrical equipment leaks. This system effectively promotes water conservation and ensures the safety of living environments. The iSN-104-E can detect leaks, send signals and alarms, and integrate with the WISE IoT Edge Controller or TPD/VPD Touch HMI for further integration with mobile apps or community systems.

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