23 May 2024 Product News

The RUGGEDCOM WIN5100 is a broadband wireless subscriber unit designed in accordance with the IEEE 802.16e standard, suitable for fixed or mobile applications in challenging environments. This self-learning subscriber device autonomously identifies the base station with the best available signal, enabling effortless plug-and-play installation and maintenance-free operation. The RUGGEDCOM WIN5100 features external antenna connectors and can be optionally configured with a 10-30VDC power input.



The functional architecture of TSN follows the technical idea of a software-defined network (SDN) and complies with modern requirements for IEEE 802.1Qcc protocols (data stream reservation), and is divided into three protocol blocks:

  • Mobile Operation Compliance: Adheres to IEEE 802.16e standard and WMF Wave 2 profiles.
  • External Antenna Connections: Equipped with 2 N-type connectors for enhanced flexibility.
  • Excellent Performance in NLOS Conditions: Overcomes multipath and deep fading, extending range and simplifying installation.
  • Automatic Transmit Power Control (ATPC): Facilitates optimal network deployment, tight frequency reuse, and interference avoidance.
  • Diverse Applications and Services: Ensures guaranteed voice, video, and data services through advanced Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities.
  • Robust Hardware: Supports a temperature range of -40 °C to +75 °C
  • Versions for Various Installations: Available for vehicular, cabinet, or pole-top installations.


  • Standards-Based:Grounded in the IEEE 802.16e family of standards and third-party validated for interoperability with other vendors.
  • Standalone Mode: Exceptional capability allowing RUGGEDCOM WIN products to operate without an ASN gateway, significantly reducing initial capital outlay. This maintains features like GOOSE over the air and wireless mobility.
  • Range/Throughput: In-built mechanisms to ensure the system consistently delivers maximum bandwidth for specific distance/coverage requirements.
  • Scale: Designed to cover extensive territories with embedded GPS synchronization, minimizing self-interference, and maximizing frequency reuse.
  • Security: Equipped with a comprehensive security feature set to enable compliance with legal mandates and security guidelines for organizations handling critical infrastructure.
  • Quality of Service: Incorporates built-in quality of service, enabling operators to guarantee latency and throughput for a mix of IT and OT applications.
  • Mobility: The RUGGEDCOM WIN product line can maintain session persistence with real-time applications in a mobile environment at vehicular speeds.


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