QEC-M-070T/QEC-M-090T: Advanced EtherCAT Solutions with Open-Source Software Integration

19 March 2024 Product News

Open-Frame Fanless Panel PCs by ICOP: QEC-M-070T/QEC-M-090T

ICOP Technology has launched the "QEC-M-070T" and "QEC-M-090T" EtherCAT Masters, equipped with 7-inch and 9-inch TFT LCD screens and integrated with the advanced LVGL graphics library, providing an intuitive and responsive user interface. Powered by the Vortex86EX2 dual-core independent processor, not only does it ensure efficient computing power, but it also guarantees the real-time performance of the EtherCAT system, meeting the strictest industrial application requirements.


By supporting open-source software, the "QEC-M-070T" and "QEC-M-090T" offer flexibility and expandability to software engineers, making everything from real-time on-site monitoring to complex data analysis and processing simple and efficient. Moreover, the support for graphical development tools greatly simplifies the software development process, facilitates the hiring of software development engineers, and significantly shortens development time.

Furthermore, with the support of various industrial communication protocols and the high-reliability storage solution of 2G SLC, it is also possible to work with external AI software for the conversion of power consumption carbon footprints, improving on-site control processes.


Main Features of "QEC-M-070T"/"QEC-M-090T":

EtherCAT Master with 7″/9” LCD.

  • DM&P Vortex86EX2 Processor, Master 533MHz/Slave 400MHz
  • EtherCAT Master Core runs on dedicated CPU
  • Hardware/Software Real-time
  • 86Duino Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • Up to 128 axes support for motion control
  • 7-inch/9-inch TFT 800×480 Resolution LCD with Restive touchscreen
  • Internal Monitoring Hardware Information
  • Operating Temperature -20 to +70°C/-40 to +85°C (Option)
  • 3LAN/3USB/MicroUSB/VGA/MiniPCIe/Arduino Pins

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