U.2: a new SSD form factor by Innodisk

21 May 2024 Product News

The U.2 SSD 4TG2-P is a high-speed SFF-8639 PCIe Gen 4x4 solid-state drive based on 3D TLC flash memory.

The U.2 series 4TG2-P are compatible with NVMe 1.4, making them a more flexible solution for systems of different performance levels and generations. All Innodisk U.2 drives feature Error Detection and Correction (ECC) to significantly improve stability and minimize the likelihood of system failure.

Innodisk's U.2 drives are designed using the AES encryption algorithm built into the controller. When the controller receives a data packet from the host, the AES algorithm processes the data packet through a 256-bit key and stores the encrypted data in flash memory. Therefore, even if the system is hacked, an outsider will not be able to decrypt the data without the key.

U.2 SSD series 4TG2-P from Innodisk are an excellent solution for server systems and applications with large volumes of data.

The main differences and advantages of U.2 from 2.5 SATA SSD are shown in the table. For comparison, here are two series of Innodisk drives based on 3D TLC with a DRAM buffer and a capacity of 8 TB:

Series U.2 SSD 4TG2-P 2.5” SATA SSD 3TG8-P
Interface PCIe Gen.4x4 SATA III 6.0 GB/s
Memory type 3D TLC
Capacity 8 TB 8 TB
Sequential R/W 6400/5700 MB/sec, max. 550/490 MB/sec, max.
Supply voltage 13.5V 5.2V
AES encryption 256 bit
Max. channels 8 8
DRAM buffering Yes Yes
TCG Opal specification Optional No
Dimensions 100.0 x 69.85 x 6.9 mm 69.8 x 100.0 x 7.0 mm

In general, we can comclude that the U.2 SSD 4TG2-P series is faster and more efficient than the 2.5” SATA SSD 3TG8-P with the same storage capacity.

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