SINTRONES Unveils IBOX-600: Advanced AI Computing Platform for Future Applications

28 March 2024 Product News

SINTRONES Reveals IBOX-600: Pioneering AI Computing for Revolutionary Applications


From its headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan, SINTRONES Technology Corp., a pioneer in industrial computing technology, is excited to unveil the IBOX-600, an Edge AI computer that marks a significant advancement in smart computing. Equipped with the NVIDIA Jetson NX AI platform, the IBOX-600 is engineered to fulfill the stringent requirements of futuristic applications in areas such as intelligent transportation and advanced driver assistance systems.

The IBOX-600 boasts an ARM® Cortex®-A78AE 8-core Processor at its core, integrated with NVIDIA®’s sophisticated Jetson Orin NX, which includes 16GB of memory. This formidable combination is further enhanced by 1024 NVIDIA® CUDA® Cores and 32 Tensor Cores, establishing the IBOX-600 as a formidable entity in Edge AI applications that demand exceptional computational efficiency and advanced AI inference capabilities.


Key features of the IBOX-600 include:

  • High-Performance Processing: With the ARM® Cortex®-A78AE 8-core Processor and NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX 16GB, the IBOX-600 delivers unparalleled processing power.
  • Advanced AI Capabilities: 1024 NVIDIA® CUDA® Cores and 32 Tensor Cores offer robust support for complex AI algorithms and models.
  • Versatile Expansion: Equipped with 3 x M.2 Slots, the IBOX-600 supports Wi-Fi, WWAN, and SSD expansion, enhancing connectivity and storage options.
  • Vehicle Connection: A dedicated CAN FD port ensures reliable connection to vehicle systems, crucial for applications in intelligent transportation.
  • Comprehensive Development Tools: Preinstalled with NVIDIA JetPack™ SDK, including CUDA Toolkit, TensorRT, cuDNN, and a multimedia API for streamlined AI and machine learning development.
  • Durable Design: A wide-range power input (9~60VDC) with smart power management and operating temperatures ranging from -25°C to 70°C ensure reliability in harsh environments.
  • Compact and Efficient: The fanless thermal design within a compact chassis allows for installation in space-constrained environments without compromising performance.

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