cMT X series update: Weintek’s new 4.3-inch HMI panel – cMT2058XH

04 July 2024 Product News

Weintek presents the newest model cMT2058XH with a 4.3" screen, thereby expanding its product range in the cMT X series.

The new cMT2058XH HMI panel presents high-end features such as a high-performance quad-core processor, 4 GB flash memory, 1 GB RAM, 800x480 high-resolution screen with a wide viewing angle (WVA) and excellent communication capabilities.

The compact dimensions of the cMT2058XH panel allow it to be used in almost any project where there is limited space for installing new equipment. But despite its size, the HMI panel has a wide range of interfaces: two Ethernet ports, RS232, RS485 2W/4W and MPI. The HMI panel software is also up to the task. In particular, the HMI supports VNC monitoring, WebView web monitoring, cMT Viewer APP monitoring and Weincloud remote monitoring, which greatly improves work efficiency.

Extended capabilities. Intuitive user interfaceс

The new cMT2058XH model features a completely new system settings interface available right out of the box. Weintek engineers have done a lot of work to update the interface, making it intuitive for the user. The software automatically places frequently used functions at the top of the menu. The interface also has a uniform layout, icon style, etc. Among other things, engineers have improved the user experience with the system thanks to error prompts and loading indicators.


You can choose between dark and light themes

Function priority

Simplified and reorganized menu based on frequency of use of functions, making it easier to navigate to the page you need

Laconic design

Clear and user-friendly interface based on user preferences

Improved feedback

Improved system responses with increased feedback

Smooth transition

cMT2058XH has the same cutout size as pre-existing 4.3-inch models, meaning no hardware changes are necessary. On the software side, EasyBuilder Pro provides dedicated tools to ensure a smooth transition. As a result, cMT2058XH, as a compact HMI, combines hardware innovation with advanced software, meeting not only the needs of traditional but also the requirements of smart manufacturing.

Key features of the cMT2058XH HMI panel

Touch screen Resistive
Display 4.3" Wide viewing angle (WVA)
Resolution 800 x 480
Viewing angle 80/80/80/80
CPU Quad-core RISC
Flash/RAM 4GB / 1GB
USB USB 2.0 Host x 1
Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base-T x 1
10/100 Base-T x 1
COM ports СOM 1: RS-232/RS-485 2W/4W,
COM 3: RS-485 2W
MPI interface Yes
Chassis design Plastic
Dimensions (W x H x D) 128 x 102 x 32 mm
Cutout size 119 x 93 mm
Operational temperature 0° ~ 55°C (32° ~ 131°F)
Protection rate NEMA4 / IP66 front panel
Supply voltage 24±20% V DC
Power consumption 510mA@ 24V DC
Weight About 0.27 kg
Software EasyBuilder Pro V6.09.01 or later
Weincloud Dashboard Option
EasyAccess 2.0 Option

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