Input / Output Boards and Cadrs

Large amount of I/O cards solves broad range of tasks of digital processing of analog, discrete and impulse signals of given amplitude, form and sequence.

Multifunctional I/O adapters represent incomplete subsystem for data collection and control. Such boards are used for building controllers, complex laboratory systems for signal processing, "smart" measuring systems on the basis of PC-compatible computers.

Within an industrial computer I/O boards are able to solve a wide range of tasks:

  • To measure current and voltage
  • To obtain data from analog sensors
  • To control the electro drive
  • To control the load through a relay output

Functionality of I/O boards

Multifunctional I/O adapters include multichannel AD/DA converters, discrete ports of I/O signals, timers/counter units. The user is able to change the coefficient of I/O signals enhancement, frequency and intervals for channels scanning, data synchronization. Universal adapters allow user to operate with ready libraries, as well as on the level of board port registers.

I/O boards would be perfect for building measuring complexes on basis of a computer. PCI Express interface boards are characterized by high performance regarding mega samples per second. PCI interface is frequently used and PCI boards possess performance suitable for the majority of automatic process control systems. Due to their outdated interface ISA boards are applied for new projects very rarely.