Office Automation

Nowadays, due to breakthrough of computer industry, IT departments face with a lot of challenges, such as regular modernizing and re-building of enterprise networks with conventional cooper cabling. And several factors should be taken into consideration to tackle these issues, such as security, mobility, energy savings, cost reducing and others.

There is a diversity of Ethernet equipment for different purposes, which are depicted in the picture below, that can be helpful for modernizing and building reliable and high-speed office networks.


The PoE GSW-3208MP switch is used, first of  all, to increase the distance between the main fiber switch without 100m distance limitation, and also to connect the UTP copper cables. Secondly,  GSW-3208MP can provide power supply for nearby PoE devices, such as PoE IP cameras or PoE Wi-Fi Access Points by means of PoE Ethernet ports. 

Fiber Media Converter Concentrator PHB-200 has high density of ports and converts copper Ethernet 100/1000Base-TX to SFPs working at 100Mbps and 1000Mbps.

For legacy or non-PoE Ethernet switches, a PoE injector solution should be integrated in order to minimize the cost of the re-organization of the office network. Also, PoE media converters can be used to power office devices, for instance, FMC-100PH and IFC-1000PSE models.

Moreover,  remote management can be helpful in the Control Room to monitor and control main devices of the office network. This functionality provides remote access control for network equipment with SNMP and HTTP-support, such as PHB-200M, L2 managed switches and others. 

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