Winmate’s widescreen energy efficient marine panel computers: W12IE3S-MRB1FP and W15IE3S-MRB1FP

15 November 2023 Product News

Winmate has announced the release of quite interesting new computer series for marine application. New panel PCs are named W12IE3S-MRB1FP and W15IE3S-MRB1FP, and they look really unique!

The main distinctive feature of the new models W12IE3S-MRB1FP and W15IE3S-MRB1FP is their screen diagonal. The cost-effective W12IE3S-MRB1FP is designed witha 12.3-inch diagonal, the larger one W15IE3S-MRB1FP – with an 14.9-inch one. The new products look extraordinary compared to the classic models of panel computers. Winmate is positioning the new panel computers primarily as an excellent solution for navigation systems in the shipping industry, due to its widescreen design and viewing angle, but these models may also find application in other areas such as retail and infotainment, or applications on ground vehicle. Let’s have a look at the key features of new products:

Widescreen version with 1920 x 720 resolution

Both models have a screen resolution of 1920 x 720, viewing angles are 176°/176° for W12IE3S-MRB1FP and 170°/170° for W15IE3S-MRB1FP. The front panel design is identical, the degree of protection rate is IP66. Contrast is 1000 to 1. There is some difference in nominal brightness, for 12,3” it is 1000 nit, while for 14,9” it is 950 nit. The chassis of the PC is made of aluminum. Supported mounting types include VESA 75 for 12,3” and panel/VESA 75 for 14,9”.

Intel Elkhart Lake Pentium N6415 CPU

The computing heart of the new computers is the Intel Elkhart Lake Pentium N6415 generation processor with a base clock frequency of 1.20 GHz. This is a 4-core CPU with 4 threads made using a 10-nanometer process technology. The maximum clock frequency is 3.00 GHz. The maximum supported amount of RAM is 16GB DDR4 in one slot. The processor integrates Intel UHD Graphics for 10th Gen Intel Processors. Power consumption is 6.5W. Modern energy-efficient and functional processor for solving most standard everyday tasks.

Projected capacitive touch screen

Projected capacitive touch screen provides convenient and intuitive control of the functionality of the new products. This technology is the most responsive to touch and accurate in action today. Multi-touch support ensures maximum user interaction, thereby increasing the efficiency of device use.

I/O Interfaces

Models differ in input/output ports:

  • W12IE3S-MRB1FP has type M12 interfaces: 1xLAN, 2xUSB, 1xCOM. The power connector is M16 screw type.
  • W15IE3S-MRB1FP has a traditional design, including interfaces: 2xLAN, 2xUSB, 2xCOM, HDMI, DC terminal block.

Both models support an extended power range from 9V to 36V DC, as well as operation at sub-zero temperatures down to -15°C. The maximum permissible positive operating temperature is +55°C. List of supported operating systems:

  • Windows 11 IoT Enterprise SAC (64 bit)
  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise (64 bit)
  • Linux Ubuntu 22.04

The new W12IE3S-MRB1FP and W15IE3S-MRB1FP are a modern and effective solution for a highly specialized industry where special attention is paid to reliability and functionality. The dependence of the world economy on maritime cargo transportation today is colossal, and the more innovative and cost-effective equipment is used on ships, the higher the level of international economic progress becomes.

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