Transport panel computers with 14" display diagonal

23 May 2023 Product News

Winmate introduced new models in a series of transport panel computers FM14AD-V and FM14E-V.

One of the leaders in the production of industrial panel computers, Winmate, continues to develop the transport direction, and this time two more new models have been added to the FM series: FM14AD-V and FM14E-V. It is noteworthy that they received a screen with a diagonal of 14 ". As a rule, screens with sizes fr om 7 to 12” are used in transport solutions, so this can be called a kind of innovation.

New items have a degree of protection against moisture and dust IP65 throughout the body, and also comply with MIL-STD-810 (vibration and shock resistance).

The processors used are the energy-efficient Intel Core i5-1235U of the Alder Lake generation and the Intel Atom x6425E of the Elkhart lake generation, since the models look exactly the same, you can quickly identify the installed processor by name, wh ere AD is Alder Lake, E is Elkhart Lake. Based on this, there is also a difference in terms of RAM, if the x6425E uses the DDR4 format, then the i5-1235U already has a modern DDR5.

The last significant difference is the presence of a 400 mAh backup battery for safe shutdown. In the event of a failure in the electrical circuit of the vehicle, the battery life will be about 20 minutes. Battery optional available for the energy efficient model FM14E-V.

Dimensions and I/O interfaces:

Here is a handy comparison table of the two new models:

Model name FM14AD-V FM14E-V
Screen diagonal 14”
Touchscreen Capacitive, multi-touch
CPU Intel Core i5-1235U Intel Atom x6425E
RAM DDR5 SO-DIMM 262 pin, 8GB onboard, max 32GB DDR4 3200 SO-DIMM 260 pin, 4GB onboard, max 8GB
Storage M.2 SSD 2242 128GB
Power requrements 10 ... 60 V DC 10 ... 60 V DC, 400mAh battery (option)
Operational temperature -30 ... 50 °С
Dimensions, mm 342 x 225 x 52

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