Optimizing Signal Processing: tSG-3781B/L Converter, 4-20mA to PWM

23 August 2023 Product News

The tSG-3781B/L converts incoming currents within the 4-20 mA range into pulse width modulation (PWM) outputs.

The PWM signal's pulse duration spans from 0% to 100%, reflecting a linear conversion of input currents between 4 and 20 mA. The PWM output signal's frequency can be tuned from 600 Hz to 800 Hz using the provided control buttons. Additionally, the tSG-3781B/L module is outfitted with a monochrome LCD display, showing both pulse duration and PWM output signal frequency.



Main characteristics:

  • Convert single channel input current from 4 to 20mA into PWM signal
  • Calculation of the pulse duration of the PWM signal based on the input current from 4 to 20mA.
  • Adjustable PWM output frequency using buttons
  • LCD display for displaying the duration of the pulses and the frequency of the output PWM signal

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