Easy setup: Functional EC2 series EtherCAT I/O modules

25 August 2023 Product News

ICP DAS presents its latest series of EtherCAT modules called EC2. This innovative line is guaranteed to amaze you with its performance and unique features. At the moment, three unique modules are commercially available: EC2-P16C16, EC2-C32 and EC2-P32.

EC2 modules boast a strong metal body that ensures reliable protection against external interferences. The intuitive design simplifies installation for a user, making the setup easy and convenient.

EC2 modules support standard EtherCAT allowing for the use of various topologies including ring topology, star and serial connection. In addition, the modules were successfully checked for compatibility with various EtherCAT masters, which makes it possible to use them with multiple master units that support this protocol.

A unique feature of the modules is that data can be processed “on-the-fly”, right in EtherCAT network. This means that the units can do real time operations and computations immediately during data transmission without having to transmit data to a central controller. Such optimisation ensures instant response to input changes from the system and quick, real time data transmission, increasing the total efficiency and performance of the system.

One of the key features of the modules is internal isolation of discrete I/Os up to 3,750 V DC, which ensures safety and protection of important parts against external interference.

Users can conveniently check I/Os status in the software and also using LEDs on the module body. This provides clear visualization of the module’s condition and makes control and monitoring easier.

Other advantages of the modules that are worth mentioning:

  • “On-the-fly” data processing via EtherCAT to be able to do real time operations and computations right in the network
  • Two RJ-45 interfaces for high data transmission rate and connection flexibility
  • Up to 100 meters between EtherCAT units for wide coverage and being able to place unit in remote spots
  • Support of Daisy Chain connection for simplified network topology and easier setup
  • LEDs for inputs and outputs for intuitive visualization of the current condition of a module
  • Configurable “Power-on Value” feature for EC2-C32 and EC2-P16C16 to be able to predetermine values at startup
  • Input values are saved after changing the state engine for EC2-C32 and EC2-P16C16 for stable system performance
  • Low pass filter for EC2-P32 and EC2-P16C16 for more accurate and reliable signal filtering

These features make EC2 modules into highly effective and reliable components of industrial and automated systems ensuring accurate process control and monitoring.

Main differences between modules are shown in the table below.

Model EC2-P32 EC2-C32 EC2-P16C16
Ports EtherCAT, 2 X RJ45
Channels 32 isolated DIs 32 isolated DOs 16 isolated DIs and 16 isolated DOs
Node ID Up to 256
Distance between EtherCAT units Up to 100 meters (100Base-Tx)
Cycle time 100 ns
Data transmission medium Ethernet/EtherCAT cable (min. CAT5)
Distributed hours Yes
Body Metal, IP40

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