IoT, AI, and vehicle technology: The VTC-7270-C4/C8 impresses with its versatility.

29 August 2023 Product News
From vehicle technology to logistics - robust in-vehicle computers prove indispensable everywhere, optimizing processes, processing data from various sensors, or serving as IoT devices for connectivity to wireless networks. To meet the growing demands of the market, the new In-Vehicle Embedded PC VTC 7270-C4/C8 provides a powerful and versatile solution that can adapt to individual requirements and situations. Extensive native I/Os also ensure high compatibility with external hardware and include the possibility of single or multiple redundant connections to local LAN and WLAN networks, as well as 4G LTE or 5G WWAN.


High computing power complemented optionally by up to two AI Accelerator Cards

For maximum efficiency with ample reserves for spontaneous peak loads, the VTC 7270-C4/C8 employs an Intel Core i CPU from the 12th generation Alder Lake or the 13th generation codenamed Raptor Lake. For particularly compute-intensive processes, specifically AI calculations, or neural networks, the fanless vehicle computer additionally supports the installation of up to two Hailo AI Accelerator Cards with 26 TOPS computing power as co-processors for complex operations. The memory consists of one or two DDR5 RAM modules, while two 2.5" Drive Bays for SSD/HDD disks up to 15 mm in height and an M.2 Key M Slot NVMe Slot are available as boot and data drives.

Rich I/O ensures easy integration of external hardware

Despite its compact and fanless design, the VTC 7270-C4/C8 Vehicle PC features an extensive array of interfaces that support both local communication and secure connectivity to closed and public networks. The base version's native interfaces include six USB 3.2 ports and six serial COM ports in RS232. Furthermore, the Vehicle Telematics Computer has four LAN RJ45 ports with power supplied via Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) - in the C8 variant, it even has eight outputs for IP devices with integrated power. The applications of the VTC 7270-C4/C8 have continuously expanded and now range from logistics and driver assistance systems to IoT applications and optical process guidance and quality control in industrial manufacturing.

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