New Winmate direction is development of ground control stations for drones

30 August 2023 Product News

Drones are becoming increasingly popular across various industries, from agriculture to construction. As drones become more advanced, the technologies required to control them must keep pace with the times.

Winmate, a leading manufacturer of industrial equipment, is pleased to introduce its latest innovation – the groundbreaking ground station S101TG-GCS, enabling remote control and monitoring of unmanned aerial vehicles' flights. The rugged tablet S101TG-GCS is a 10.1-inch tablet specifically designed for use as a ground control station for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and drones.

The S101TG-GCS tablet stands out with cutting-edge technologies and an intuitive interface. It features a high-quality touchscreen and ergonomic joysticks that enable precise and convenient drone flight control.

Key features of this equipment include:

  • Intuitive Interface: Equipped with a touchscreen, the equipment allows UAV operators to easily and quickly execute commands and adjustments, managing drones with high precision
  • Ergonomic Joysticks: Specifically designed for drone control, these joysticks provide comfortable and accurate handling, enabling operators to react instantly to changing conditions
  • Wireless Connectivity: The S101TG-GCS tablet supports wireless connectivity on the 2.4 GHz radio frequency, ensuring stable and reliable communication between the remote control unit and the drone over long distances of up to 5 km
  • Multitude of Functions: Winmate's drone control unit offers a wide range of functions, including flight route programming, camera control, altitude management, and various other features to optimize flight operations
  • Sensors: The control unit is equipped with various sensors, such as gyroscopes and accelerometers, ensuring stability and precision in control
  • Battery Capacity: The built-in hot-swappable battery provides extended operational time, allowing operators to work for an extended period without needing to recharge
  • Compatibility: The tablet is compatible with a wide range of drones from different manufacturers, providing flexibility and universality in usage

Winmate's new drone control equipment opens up new possibilities for industrial and commercial sectors, offering simplicity of control, reliability, and advanced features for flight operation planning.

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