iWSN-9603 series: wireless 3-phase smart network meters

17 August 2023 Product News

iWSN-9603 network meters are designed to transmit information about the power of various equipment, regardless of whether it is powered by a single-phase or three-phase AC source. There are 4 models available in this series. The differences between them can be seen in the comparison table.

Model name Accuracy, kWh Current transformer TT inner diameter Current
iWSN-9603-PCT-ME-IP33 2% Sold separately
iWSN-9603-160-ME-IP33 1% 6 pcs 16 mm 100 A
iWSN-9603-240-ME-IP33 24 mm 200 A
iWSN-9603-360-ME-IP33 36 mm 400 A

The iWSN-9603 module transmits data wirelessly at 433 MHz. The module is powered by the measured voltage. This makes it possible to significantly reduce the cost and duration of system deployment.

Sub-GHz radio support and data padding features improve wireless reliability, especially in factory environments with heavy shielding or limited space. The iWSN-9603 module is easy to install and configure using DIP switches, and its special IP33 protected housing prevents short circuits when the fire system is activated when the module is placed outside cabinets.

With built-in real-time clock (RTC) and data timestamping, the iWSN-9603 series module is ideal for energy-saving applications such as power information management, carbon emissions calculation, predictive maintenance, and big data analysis of energy consumption.

Together with the measurement modules, the iWSN-200 series wireless data concentrators are recommended for use.

The iWSN-200 series is a wireless data hub that collects and transmits information from sensors using standard Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP communication protocols to connect to higher-level systems such as SCADA system, PLC, PC, etc.

You can find the key features of wireless data concentrators are shown in the table below.

Model name Radio frequency Interface Protocol Baud rate Digital output Certification
Channels Type Maximum switching current CE RED
iWSN-200U 433 MHz RS-232/485 Modbus RTU 1200 to 115200 bps Yes
iWSN-200R RS-485 1 Power relay (SPST N.O) 5A
iWSN-200E Ethernet Modbus TCP 10/100 Mbps

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