AXP-9000-IoT: the new controller series running Windows IoT 10 Enterprise

16 August 2023 Product News

ICP DAS has launched a new line of PAC (Programmable Automation Controller), called AXP-9000-IoT. The AXP-9000-IoT is a series of controllers based on the Windows 10 IoT operating system. This series of controllers is an ideal solution for HMI integration, data acquisition and control of various devices.

The new controllers are based on Intel Core i5-8365UE/Intel Atom E3950 processors (depending on the model) and have from 0 to 7 expansion slots for I/O modules.

Also controllers offer such I/O interfaces as: two gigabit Ethernet ports, VGA, HDMI, USB port, RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces. The controller slots support I-9K, I-97K, and e-9K series I/O modules.

It is also possible to connect remote I/O modules via RS-485 and Ethernet interfaces.

AXP-9000-IoT controllers have an embedded Windows 10 IoT Enterprise OS that can support both Universal Windows Apps and Traditional Windows Apps.

As for software development tools, the OS can maintain maximum compatibility with Windows 10, and applications can be quickly transferred to the AXP-9000.

Currently 4 models are available for order:

AXP-9051-IoT : 0 expansion slots, 64-bit Windows 10 IoT Enterprise
AXP-9251-IoT : 2 expansion slots, 64-bit Windows 10 IoT Enterprise
AXP-9191-IoT : 1 expansion slot, 64-bit Windows 10 IoT Enterprise
AXP-9391-IoT : 3 expansion slots, 64-bit Windows 10 IoT Enterprise

6 and 7 slot models will be available soon:AXP-9651-IoT and AXP-9791-IoT.

The comparison table below shows the key features of controller models.

Model name CPU RAM Non-volatile memory Storage VGA Ethernet ports USB ports RS-232/RS-485 Expansion slots
AXP-9051-IoT I5-8365UE (1.6 ~ 4.1 GHz, 4C8T) 16 GB DDR4 SDRAM 128 KB MRAM
32 GB CFast card
VGA:1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz
HDMI:4096 x 2160 @ 30P
2 4 4
AXP-9251-IoT 2
AXP-9651-IoT 6
AXP-9191-IoT E3950(1.6 ~ 2.0 GHz, 4C4T) 8 GB DDR4 SDRAM 1
AXP-9391-IoT 3
AXP-9791-IoT 7

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