IVS-802GT-8PH24: Compact and powerful PoE Ethernet switch for vehicle applications

05 December 2023 Product News
Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) has established itself as one of the most important standards for connecting peripheral devices to a central control computer due to its simple installation and high reliability. The IVS-802GT-8PH24 PoE Ethernet switch from CTC Union enables the compact integration of up to eight IP devices into the vehicle electronics, including a fail-safe redundancy function for power supply and uplink to the server.


Robust IoT gateway simplifies integration and installation in vehicles

Limited space and challenging environmental conditions make the installation of electronics and embedded computers in vehicles extremely difficult. The IVS-802GT-8PH24 solves this problem by connecting eight PoE+ interfaces for peripheral devices with two GbE LAN ports for redundant uplinks to the central server. Thanks to its compact format with a maximum side length of 13.5 cm, the IVS-802GT-8PH24 can also be easily installed in very confined spaces. This makes it suitable for a wide range of applications in vehicles of all sizes, especially for systems that are separated by function or position, as it is possible to use multiple devices.

Certification in accordance with E-Mark Regulation ensures legal certainty

The IVS-802GT-8PH24 offers a high level of legal security for use in the commercial sector, for example in vehicle construction or for customer-specific requirements. This robust Ethernet switch is certified in accordance with the E-Mark Regulation, which includes technical regulations for vehicle safety, energy efficiency and environmental protection. These regulations are recognized by over 60 countries in the EU and worldwide and therefore allow approval, distribution and use in all participating countries without complex individual test procedures.

Rugged design ensures safe, maintenance-free operation under adverse conditions

The IVS-802GT-8PH24 complies with a wide range of international regulations, including the rules for mechanical shock and vibration (IEC 60068-2), electromagnetic interference (CE EN55022 Class A) and immunity to EMS pulses (EN61000-4), and is also E-marked. For maximum reliability in critical systems, the Ethernet switch is equipped with a dual, redundant power supply and can be operated at temperatures of -10° Celsius or -40° Celsius to +60° Celsius. The average reliability of each unit until failure (Mean Time Between Failure, MTBF) complies with the military's MIL-HDBK-217 standard.

Functional PoE Ethernet switch for road, rail and waterways

The IVS-802GT-8PH24 Ethernet switch is versatile and is particularly suitable for private and commercial road vehicles, but not exclusively for this application. Thanks to the support of different voltage networks from 12 VDC to 48 VDC and the robust design, flexible use in all mobile environments is possible. It is suitable for industrial and commercial applications in harsh environments, such as smart production, outdoor video surveillance, digital signage and distributed infotainment systems.

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