Temperature control in industrial furnaces via DALI protocol gateway

Company info

Company: ICP DAS, Taiwan
Client: Industrial furnace factory, Taiwan
Primary occupation: Production of heating equipment for various industries.
Equipment: DALI protocol gateway DGW-521.

The task

An industrial furnace is equipped with many internal IR light sources for heating products. A control module with DALI protocol is designed for stable and reliable control of light sources, but the PLC in the control cabinet only supports Modbus RTU protocol. It is necessary to provide control of temperature and light sources through the PLC using the Modbus RTU protocol.

Brief description of the system

To solve this problem, the DGW-521 gateway was chosen, because it allows a Master device with Modbus RTU protocol to control slave devices with DALI protocol.

The architecture of the solution is presented as follows:

Rationale for the choice of equipment for the project

The DGW-521 Gateway from ICP DAS proved to be a cost effective and easy way to convert Modbus RTU and DALI protocols. The gateway has RS-485, RS-232 and USB interfaces, which allows you to connect it to various PLCs or computers. In addition, the DGW-521 has compact dimensions and is capable of operating in a wide temperature range from -25 to +75°C.

Customer’s benefits

With the help of ICP DAS DGW-521 Gateway and equipment optimization, the customer was able not only to realize reliable temperature control, but also to reduce the energy consumption of the furnace by at least 47%.

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