IIoT cold storage temperature monitoring system

Company info

Client: Beverage factory, USA
Primary occupation: Production of carbonated and non-carbonated drinks.
Equipment: IIoT controller WISE-5231, current measurement module I-7017C

The task

Exposure to light, heat and other influences on beverages must be avoided to ensure consistent product quality. To do this, it is necessary to develop an IIoT system for monitoring temperature and other parameters in several refrigerated warehouses with the ability to notify operators.

Brief description of the system

The WISE-5231 IIoT controller and the I-7017C current measurement module were chosen as the basis for the solution. The WISE-5231 controller receives current values from the I-7017C modules every minute, converts them into temperature values and sends them to the upper level via Modbus TCP and MQTT protocols, which allows the operator to remotely control the temperature in cold stores.

The architecture of the solution is presented as follows:

Rationale for the choice of equipment for the project

The logic of work in the WISE-5231 ICP DAS’s IIoT controller can be easily set using the IF-THEN-ELSE algorithm, which allows you to quickly automate simple tasks. The controller has built-in functions that allow you to perform simple mathematical operations, perform scheduled actions, or send email/SMS notifications. In addition, WISE-5231 has the function of keeping a history of value changes, which allows you to export temperature data to a report for subsequent quality control and audit, and in the event of a loss of communication, WISE-5231 can fill in missing values, which protects against data loss..

The I-7017C module, also by ICP DAS, has 8 channels with current input and built-in resistors, which allows you to connect any sensor with a standard output of 0-20 mA. This module supports data transfer via the DCON protocol, but there are module modifications that support Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP. In addition, the ICP DAS product line includes more than 300 types of I/O modules, which have discrete and analog I/O channels with the ability to measure current, voltage, temperature and other parameters.

Customer’s benefits

IIoT solution based on ICP DAS equipment allowed not only to remotely monitor temperature changes in several warehouses, but also allows you to easily connect additional devices to the system and optimize the solution for various parameters by connecting to cloud systems via MQTT.

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