WoMaster introduces powerful 5GNR router WR315GR-2C

31 January 2024 Product News

Introducing the latest addition to WoMaster's advanced networking solutions, the WR315GR-2C Industrial Grade Dual-Core High-Performance 5GNR/LTE Router. Engineered to tackle even the most demanding applications, this robust device boasts a dual-core 880MHz CPU and comprehensive cellular network coverage, spanning 5GNR, 4G, 3G, and 2G technologies.

Yet, its capabilities extend further. The Industrial Grade Router incorporates dual SIM redundancy, enhancing reliability, and an array of security features including OpenVPN, IPSec, NAT, TACACS+, and a firewall. Whether you require robust network protection or seamless device connectivity, this router delivers.

Beyond its impressive hardware, the router empowers with advanced routing functionalities, supporting RIP, OSPF, and VRRP protocols. For those immersed in the Internet of Things realm, it accommodates HTTPS, MQTT, AWS, AZURE, and OTA protocols.

Moreover, its durability shines through, engineered to endure extreme operating temperatures, spanning from -40°C to 70°C, rendering it ideal for rugged industrial settings. Seize the opportunity presented by this revolutionary networking solution. Get in touch with us today to explore the Industrial Grade Dual-Core High-Performance 5GNR/LTE Router further.

High-Speed 5GNR Cellular Network

  • Dual Core High Speed Processor
  • Extended M2 socket for 5G New Radio, SA+NSA, backward compatible support high speed 4G LTE
  • 5GNR/4G/3G/2G full cellular network compatibility

High-Performance Routing Switch

  • 5-port Gigabit Ethernet supports routing and bridging mode
  • Close to wire-speed NAT routing performance
  • Hardware NAT for CPU utilization saving

Dynamic Routing with Redundancy Protection

  • RIPv1&v2, OSPFv1&v2 for intra-domain routing within an autonomous system
  • Efficient unicast/multicast* static routing
  • VRRP guarantees sustainable routing in a single point of failure

Enhanced Cyber Security & Redundancy

  • Firewall for inbound/outbound traffic
  • OpenVPN (server/client), and IPSec support AES256 for secure remote connection
  • GRE tunnel*
  • HTTPs/SSH secure login
  • TACACS+ multi-user authentication for privileged user management
  • Cellular to WAN redundancy, dual SIM backup

About WoMaster:

Boasting more than two decades of experience in the industrial IoT market, WoMaster Group stands as a prominent provider within the realm of Industrial IoT. Backed by esteemed global listed Industrial entities such as IEIxQNAP Group, HMS Industrial Networks, and HolyStone Group, the company operates as a joint venture. WoMaster specializes in the creation and production of top-tier industrial products tailored for critical applications encompassing railway systems, power and utility sectors, intelligent transportation networks, and surveillance systems for smart cities. Offering a comprehensive range spanning networking devices to all-encompassing communication stations, WoMaster enhances value through its rugged design, integration of public and private cloud platforms, robust Cyber Security measures, and solutions centered around customer needs.

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