25 January 2024 Product News

The RUGGEDCOM WIN7000 stands out as a robust, high-power broadband wireless base station designed to meet the IEEE 802.16e standard, catering to long-range deployments in licensed frequency bands within challenging environments. Available in various frequency bands, this base station prioritizes maximum coverage where regulations allow high-power operation. The single-sector design facilitates the creation of multiple sectors at a given site, driven by considerations such as coverage, bandwidth, and subscribers, achieved by adding additional WIN7000 units.



  • Mobile 4G Broadband Compliance: Adhering to IEEE 802.16e standard and WMF Wave2 (MIMO) certification.
  • Worldwide 4G Broadband Support: Operates in the 1GHz, 2GHz, and 3GHz bands for global deployment.
  • Adaptive Modulation: Optimizes throughput and ensures performance robustness.
  • Flexible Configurations: Supports single cable power over Ethernet or fiber-optic interfaces.
  • Harsh Environment Rating: Compliant with IEEE 1613, IEC 61850-3, Class 1 Div 2 / ATEX Zone 2, MIL-STD 810F, 509.4 - salt fog.
  • MIMO-A and MIMO-B Modes: Enhances reach, non-line-of-sight (NLOS) performance, throughput (up to 40 Mbps), and spectral efficiency.
  • IEEE1588 Precision Time Protocol: Supports GPS failover for improved system performance.
  • Built-in Security Features: Ensures NERC CIP compliance with two-factor mutual authentication, AES encryption, and message integrity protection using CMAC.

Product Version


  • High-power WiMAX base station


  • Standards-Based: Built on the IEEE 802.16e family of standards and third-party validated for interoperability with other vendors.
  • Standalone Mode: Allows RUGGEDCOM WIN products to operate without an ASN gateway, reducing initial capital outlay while maintaining features like GOOSE over the air and mobility.
  • Range/Throughput: Built-in mechanisms to optimize bandwidth delivery for specific distance/coverage requirements.
  • Scale: Designed to cover vast territories with embedded GPS synchronization to reduce self-interference and maximize frequency reuse..
  • Security: Equipped with a feature set ensuring compliance with legal mandates and security guidelines for organizations handling critical infrastructure.
  • Quality of Service: Built-in quality of service to guarantee latency and throughput for a mix of IT and OT applications.
  • Mobility: Capable of maintaining session persistence with real-time applications in a mobile environment at vehicular speeds.
  • Rugged Form Factor: An all-outdoor rugged form factor enables flexible deployment options, specifically designed for harsh environments such as electric power substations, oil refineries, military applications, roadside traffic control cabinets, and metals and minerals processing.

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