NDiS B337 by NEXCOM: High performance and low consumption, ideal for smart city applications

15 May 2023 Product News
Designed by Nexcom, the fanless NDiS B337 embedded PC offers an excellent range of specially selected features for semi-outdoor applications in smart cities and smart edges. Thanks to the low power consumption of the Intel® J3455 Celeron® processor, the NDiS B337, which is designed for a wide temperature range of -20 to 60°C, can be used in confined environments. This makes it ideal for applications such as factory automation, surveillance, retail and smart city.


High performance with low energy consumption

At the core of the NDiS B337 industrial fanless computer is an Intel® J3455 Celeron® processor, whose TDP of 10W enables fanless operation with minimal power consumption over an extended temperature range of -20 to 60°C. ermöglicht.

The NDiS B337 is characterised by its versatile functions. With 2 x HDMI 1.4 ports, the embedded PC supports multi-display on up to two separate screens, offers 1 x DDR3L RAM with a capacity of up to 8 GB for smooth multitasking, 1 x M.2 2242 slot for expanding the storage space and a mini PCIe slot for integrating a wireless module (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/LTE).

Functions and features for smart cities

The NDiS B337 and NDiS B337-4C models have features that integrate particularly well with various smart city applications. Both support a 12 VDC power supply, adapting to common power sources in integrations where DC power is mainly used. With the power button connector, the system can be easily switched on even without direct access to the computer. In addition, the NDiS B337-4C model offers additional COM and USB ports (4 x RS-232 and 2 x USB 2.0) that are primarily used to trigger mechanical connections such as parking barriers, door locks and turnstiles.


Slim design for innovative indoor applications

The design of the NDiS B337 allows for a variety of indoor applications. In medical practices, the NDiS B337 can be used as signage or as a computer to support telehealth, telemedicine and virtual consultations. In retail, it can serve as digital signage or to support a digital price tag system that enables automatic inventory counting. In addition, the NDiS B337 can be used in a self-service post office kiosk that allows people to pack, measure, label and ship their parcels without staff assistance.

Robust construction for outdoor applications 

The NDiS B337 is ideally suited for DooH applications. Equipped with a matching housing, it is protected against rain, dirt and direct sunlight. Outdoor signage applications include intelligent signage systems that use facial recognition to display relevant information to users, orientation systems that provide information about nearby points of interest, or display systems for passenger information at train stations or bus stops. Car parks can also benefit, as the NDiS B337 enables vehicle number plate recognition, the display of available parking spaces and the processing of payments at the ticketing station. Other applications include a mobile phone charging station, a post office parcel station and access control by facial recognition or access card.

The smart choice for smart cities

For smart city applications, from indoor to outdoor, from medical practices to car parks and from post offices to DooH, the NDiS B337 and NDiS B337-4C box PCs are the best choice when reliability and flexibility are paramount.

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