SmartView Software

SmartView™ software is a Centralized Network Management Platform that applies to main CTC Union’s Products. Having easy and User-Friendly Operation Interface Smartview provides remote access control for monitoring and configuration the network equipment. SmartView software consists of SmartView™ Server, Microsoft® SQL Server and Workstation-Clients.

First of all, the SmartView™ server carries out the connection with the network devices using SNMP protocol. Secondly, SmartView™ communicates with management clients and collects the information data from specific SNMP agents, stores the information into a persistent database and sent that information to the management clients. All of CTC Union's SNMP enabled products, such as FRM220/220A platform, Industrial switches are manageable by CTC Union SmartView™ EMS management Platform.

The second component of SmartView software is SQL Server. It is the place where the SmartView™ collected data, such as events, alarms and user actions. The EMS installer has the free version of Microsoft® SQL 2008 Express by default. Workstation-Clients are provided with the JAVA applet GUI to monitor and control the agents at far end. They also receive the events and alarms from the corresponding SNMP Agents. Multiple workstations are allowed, with a maximum of 25 concurrent logged in users.

SmartView™ has a searching tool for SNMP agents in the network. The discovery program can ping every IP address inside address range looking for SNMP agents. For networks visualization, user can load maps to SQL server and put any object to the map area using drag-and-drop method. The object may be labeled in the map for easy identification. When an SNMP agent has an abnormal condition it sends an SNMP trap message to SmartView™ software. After that, SmartView™ receives the message, and records it in the SQL database. Depending on preset conditions, SmartView™ may sound an audible alarm, send an email or SMS alert message or just simply flash the trap message on the administrative console screen. The software continuously polls all network devices under its management and visually displays all alarm conditions. A swift notification of the system problems can help to fix the challenge in shortest time.