Intelligent Digital Surveillance for Transport

Using special equipment, it’s possible to build robust and secure intelligent surveillance system for transport, including fire engines, ambulances and police cars.

The core of this system (see figure below) is NVIS 3542P4 or NVIS 3542P8 device or any other one from NViS series.

Driven by the Intel® Core™ i7/i5 processor which is paired with mobile Intel® QM57 chipset and integrated with graphics engine, the NViS 3542P series provides excellent graphics capability to process HD contents playback and recording in real time. It enables 16 channels of high resolution surveillance videos to be instantly transmitted from IP cameras to Central Management Office.  

The IP cameras, for example, NCm-301-V help to identify the car plate and match the information to the database and provide stolen car identification, vehicle tracking, traffic enforcement and other functions. Moreover, having image stabilization, the IP cameras are installed for backseat monitoring. The mobile IP camera NCm-301-V offers 3 megapixel image quality and can overcome both in-vehicle and outdoor lighting challenges and provides clear image output. With rugged IP67 design, NCm-301-V is suitable for all kind of harsh environments.

The NViS 3542P series NVR devices also supports high bandwidth GbE LAN, PoE interface, GPS communication, WAN/WLAN connectivity, and hot swappable HDD. This ruggedized series guarantees highly reliable performance in challenging mobile environments and is suitable for use in police patrol cars, fire engines, ambulances and public transportation.3G/3.5G/Wi-Fi network interfaces along with GPS communication allow the remote access to video footages and location information.

The MIL-STD-810F-514.5 C3 standard enhance system reliability vibration, making NViS 3542P suitable for all kinds surveillance applications on wheels.

To monitor data from the cameras, VMD 2000 vehicle mount display series can be installed. This series was specially designed for in-vehicle computes and has 7 or 8-inch touch screen LCD panel with SVGA resolution and robust exterior. This series can display detailed images, automatically adjusting the screen brightness based on ambient light to give drivers a clear and comfortable view in varying lighting conditions making these monitors the best solution for emergency services and public transportation.

The VMD 2000 series is complying with shock and vibration MIL-STD-810F standard and the front panel is compliant with IP54 rating and has of -20~60°C operating temperature range. This series with LVDS connector simplifies cabling and works exclusively with VTC in-vehicle computer series, whereas VMD 2001 and VMD 2002 with VGA connectors support a wide diversity of vehicle terminals.

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