Highway traffic monitoring and management system

Company information

Company: Freeway Bureau, Taichung, Taiwan
Customer: Ministry of Transport and Communications of Taiwan
Primary occupation: Planning and construction of a national expressway network in Taiwan
Equipment: iP-8441 controller with I-8053W-A1 and I-8057W modules

The task

To avoid traffic slowdown on the Fengyuan-Tanji Circle Line section of the Taichung National Highway No. 4, data from inductive sensors must be obtained and used to monitor and control traffic in real time.

Brief description of the system

A solution was developed based on the ICP DAS programmable controller iP-8441, discrete input module I-8053W-A1 and discrete output module I-8057W. The solution receives information about current traffic from inductive sensors installed on the road, and then remotely controls traffic lights and switches.

The architecture of the solution is presented as follows:

Rationale for the choice of equipment for the project

The iP-8441 programmable controller has various communication interfaces (Ethernet, RS-232/485) and 4 slots for installing input-output modules, which allows you to create a universal solution with great opportunities for adapting it to a specific task. In addition, the iP-8441 has a redundant 1kV isolated power input and wide temperature range from -25°C to +75°C, making it ideal for applications in harsh environments.

The I-8000 series is a wide range of I/O modules that allow you to solve the main tasks of collecting signals from sensors and controlling various devices in the field of process control systems. In addition, high-speed I/O modules allow sensors to be polled several thousand times per second, which is required when measuring traffic flow on a highway.

Benefit for the customer

A traffic monitoring solution based on ICP DAS equipment provided a large amount of traffic data, and then eliminated serious traffic problems on the highway and improved the level of service efficiency of the regional transport system. In addition, this solution became the basis for creating an overall traffic management strategy to provide dynamic real-time traffic management.

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