Wireless Access & Data Offloading


With smartphones and tablets being popular devices for accessing the internet and various applications on the go, there is a growing demand for wireless access bandwidth among mobile subscribers. While many mobile network operators have transitioned from 3G/3.5G to 4G LTE, WiFi hotspots remain a cost-effective solution for maintaining service quality and ensuring subscriber loyalty in congested cellular network regions such as shopping malls, stadiums, restaurants, crowded downtown areas, and airports.

One of the main challenges in deploying WiFi access points is the limitation of UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) cabling, which has a maximum distance of 100 meters due to the physical characteristics of Ethernet copper ports. However, fiber transmission technology offers a solution that overcomes the distance limitation, even if the WiFi access point itself does not have a fiber port. Additionally, when deploying WiFi access points in hot zones, there are often scenarios where power sockets are unavailable at desired locations or in outdoor environments. Furthermore, WiFi access points may need to be enclosed for waterproofing or dustproofing purposes. In such deployment scenarios, using copper to fiber Ethernet media converters with Power over Ethernet (PoE) or Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) features becomes the ideal solution for wireless access and data offloading applications.


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