PoE Powered Office Automation


The increasing reliance on high-speed networks in modernized enterprise offices presents a challenge for IT departments when it comes to office layout. It is no longer just about aesthetics and organization; centralized management, IP-based structured cabling, and other factors such as security, mobility, simplified asset management, and energy efficiency must also be taken into account. In some large buildings, traditional UTP copper cabling is insufficient to meet the requirements of IT administrators for effectively organizing the office layout.

In the provided application diagram, CTC Union's PoE switch family is used to extend the connectivity distance and overcome the 100m limitation of UTP copper cabling. This solution allows for the connection to the main fiber switch and provides power to nearby devices like PoE IP cameras or PoE WiFi access points. Even if legacy copper-based Ethernet switches are already deployed, CTC offers PoE/PSE-based media converter and PoE injector solutions, which help minimize costs and enable IT employees to automate office tasks.


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