WoMaster MP614 Series: Industrial 14G L3 Managed M12 PoE Switches for Public Transportation Systems

14 June 2023 Product News
MP614 Series from WoMaster offers state-of-the-art M12 Full Gigabit Routing PoE Switches for precise Layer 3 Network control in Railway environments. The Switches are Certified according to the EN50155 and EN45545 Railway Certificates, making them among the most advanced Network solutions on the Market.


Rugged Design and best-in-class connectivity

The MP614 Series offers uninterrupted Connectivity with 14 robust Gigabit M12 Ports. Eight Ports provide intelligent PoE/PoE+ Function and two support Link-Bypass Function, Ensuring seamless operation even in the event of Power Failure. The Power Supply Options are diverse and ranged from a 24VDC Low-Voltage Booster to a 110VDC High Voltage.


Advanced Layer 3 Routing-Protocols

Advanced Layer 3 Routing with Advanced Layer 3 Routing Protocols such as IP/VLAN Routing, RIP, OSPF and VRRP, the MP614 series is fully compatible with your Backbone Network. This enables ultra-fast and smooth Connectivity across all 14 Gigabit Ports.

Comprehensive Cyber Security

To ensure comprehensive Cybersecurity, the MP614 features a state-of-the-art Design that offers robust Protection against external Intrusions. It supports both the ITU-T G.8032 v1/v2 ERPS Ring Redundancy Standard and Dynamic Routing with Redundancy protection, equipped with numerous Management Functions.

Best-in-class PoE capability and durable design

The MP614 Series offers best-in-class PoE Capability, including 8-port IEEE 802.3af/at compliant PoE, with up to 30W per Port and up to 100W System Power at 70°C Operating Temperature. With robust M12 Connections, the Devices of the MP614 series are ideally suited for Harsh Environments.


For Surveillance applications on Rails and Rolling Stock

Thanks to their Robust Design and Certifications such as EN50155/IEC61373 and EN45545, the Switches are ideal for Monitoring Applications on Rails and in Rolling Stock. They offer an extended Operating Temperature Range of -40 to 70°C and can deliver 100W of Power even under Extreme Conditions.

The MP614 series is available in four Variants: MP614-HV-X, MP614-MV-X, MP614-LV-X and MP614-WV-X, each with specific Voltage Options to meet different needs:



  MP614-HV-X                      Industrial 14G L3 Managed M12 X-code PoE Switch, 110VDC
  MP614-MV-X Industrial 14G L3 Managed M12 X-code PoE Switch, 54VDC
  MP614-LV-X Industrial 14G L3 Managed M12 X-code PoE Switch, 24VDC
  MP614-WV-X Industrial 14G L3 Managed M12 X-code PoE Switch, 24-100VDC

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