OnCell G4302-LTE4-EU cellular routers: a new stage in the development of industrial communications LTE Cat. 4 by Moxa

20 October 2023 Product News

Moxa’s new industrial series of cellular routers, named OnCell G4302-LTE4-EU, provides a reliable solution for secure communications and data transfer in industrial environments. These routers support firewall, NAT and VPN functions, which ensures that data transmission remains confidential even on unsecured networks. Any access attempts from potentially dangerous devices will be blocked, ensuring a high level of secure data transfer.

This series of cellular routers is designed to comply with the IEC 62443-4-2 cybersecurity standard and runs on the MX-ROS operating system, which is also certified according to this standard. Main advantages of the OnCell G4302-LTE4-EU series include a high level in three key aspects: security, effective network management and reliability.

Cellular routers in this series support GuaranLink technology, which is able to detect loss of connection by monitoring signal strength, prolonged absence of data transmission, or by constantly checking the functioning of the network.

These devices support WAN redundancy, which means they can automatically switch between a physical Ethernet line and a cellular connection if the main connection is lost. This guarantees the integrity of the connection and the continuity of data transfer. There are two switching modes: Failover Mode, which is activated only when the current interface is unavailable, and Failback Mode, which allows you to automatically return to an interface with a higher priority as soon as communication through it is restored. These functions make OnCell G4302-LTE4-EU routers a quality solution to ensure reliability and continuity of communications in industrial environments.

The OnCell G4302-LTE4-EU series is an analogue for the discontinued OnCell G3150A-LTE-EU series. The following table shows their distinctive characteristics and features:

Series OnCell G4302-LTE4-EU( LTE Cat. 4) OnCell G3150A-LTE-EU (LTE Cat. 3)
LTE frequency bands B1 / B3 / B7 / B8 / B20 / B28 B1 / B3 / B7 / B8 / B20
Ethernet ports 2 x GbE 1 x FE
SIM format 2 x Nano SIM 2 x Mini SIM
Wi-Fi No support
DI/DO 1 x DI, 1 x DO 2 x DI, 1 x DO
Distinctive advantages Routing: Static routing
Redundancy: VRRP, WAN redundancy
Built-in switch function: L2 layer
Management MXview One, MXconfig,
MXsecurity, MRC Quick Link (2024 Q1)

The rugged cellular routers of OnCell G4302-LTE4-EU series are recommended today for use in various industries, especially in critical areas where the organization of safe and reliable industrial communications is important. These industries include the gas and oil industries, healthcare and many others.

To summarize, let’s have a look at the main characteristics of cellular routers OnCell G4302-LTE4-EU

  • Supports cellular bands B1 / B3 / B7 / B8 / B20 / B28
  • Certified to NEMA TS2, E-Mark E1, EN 50121-4, CID2, ATEX, CCCEx and IECEx.
  • Manufacturing according to IEC 62433-4-2
  • Supports MXview One, MXconfig, MXsecurity, MRC Quick Link.
  • Support for GuaranLink technology and WAN redundancy
  • Avaiability of the OnCell G4302-LTE4-EU-T model with a wide operating temperature range from -30 to 70°C

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