DNM-848VI: a series of voltage converters with isolated channels

22 June 2023 Product News

DNM-848VI-10 / DNM-848VI-80 / DNM-848VI-150 are 8-channel voltage reduction devices (attenuators) with channel-by-channel isolation.

Converters of DNM-848VI series are used to protect electronic devices from high voltage levels that could damage those devices. In addition, devices can reduce signals to levels that can be handled by other devices.

The DNM-848VI converters are designed for use with analog input modules such as M-7017, I-7017, I-87017W, M-7017RMS and I-87017W-RMS etc. They have a maximum input voltage range of ±10 V to ±150 V, which can be reduced to ±10 V.

The version with "I" in its model name provides isolation within modules up to 3000 VDC and isolation between channels up to 3000 VDC to avoid interference from inputs to outputs or between channels. Thus, they allow you to measure high voltage, while preventing possible interference.

Key features of DNM-848VI series voltage convertors:

  • AC/DC input
  • Measurement of high voltage at the input
  • Linear attenuation coefficient
  • High input impedance
  • Isolation between channels
  • Protection against discharges of static electricity up to 4 kV
  • Overvoltage protection up to 3 kV
  • Easy wire connection

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