Industrial Controllers

Today PC-compatible controllers are very frequent in use. They differ from PLCs (program logic controllers) by a greater number of functions that are executed via software, rather than hardware in case of PLC. A PC-compatible controller is operated by means of SCADA system or a program designed with the help of development system. PLC programming is usually executed in standard IEC 61131-3 languages, in C language. The use of other languages is possible.

Depending on controller functionality it can be programmed:

  • In language C and C++
  • In standard IEC 61131-3 languages (IEC 61131-3 LD, FBD, SFC, IL, ST)
  • By means of WEB-interfaces in IF-THEN-ELSE logic
  • By using SCADA incorporated languages of development systems

Functionality of industrial controllers

PC-controllers embrace the best characteristics of a computer, in particular, high performance at data processing, and the best of classic PLC, which is modularity and great amount of I/O channels. Depending on a task these controllers are able to control from few to several thousands of I/O channels.

In IPC2U product range the industrial controllers ICP-DAS and MOXA are represented. The variety of models allows to execute both simple and complicated tasks. We add up new models for you to be able to purchase a controller that matches with you tasks on project of technological project automation.