Kyland's full stack industrial internet solutions are already being put to use in a wide variety of fields, including aviation, shipbuilding, high-speed rail and subways, smart grids, power production, the petrochemical industry, metallurgy, factory automation, smart traffic, urban management and network operators.

More than one million Kyland devices are running in real time worldwide.

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Kyland Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the world's leading companies in the development and production of communication equipment, serving as an innovator in the field of industrial network communications. Kyland's goal is to ensure compatibility in industrial systems on three levels: through the integration of communication protocols, the creation of a cloud platform for hardware and software complex control, as well as software for network equipment management. The company continually expands its product range to offer customers solutions for creating reliable and secure network infrastructures. Currently, the company offers approximately 1900 devices.

The company's headquarters are located in Beijing, with a production center in Yichang, representing a vast modern factory spanning 130,000 square meters. This factory has the capacity to produce over 2000 units of equipment per day. Thanks to an efficient production planning system, the factory delivers equipment in the shortest possible time.

The manufacturing potential of Kyland's factories ensures the production of a variety of equipment for different industries. The company's production facilities produce both universal equipment applicable in various fields and specialized solutions developed for the most demanding industries, such as:

  • Power generation
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Railway transportation
  • Industrial automation

The produced equipment holds the appropriate industry certifications, and customers can rest assured of receiving high-quality equipment that meets the most stringent industry requirements.

Automation of power distribution is a crucial part of modern intelligent networks. Integration and compatibility are essential for operational efficiency and system reliability. Kyland offers a comprehensive solution for energy facilities, including 2nd and 3rd level switches fully integrated with gateways and FTU/RTU/DTU protection terminals. The DRP protocol provides network recovery time within 20 ms and ensures redundancy. DRP support based on VLAN allows the creation of multiple redundant networks with variable upstream channels. In addition, Kyland's equipment offers various network security features, Ethernet, integrated RS-232/422/485 ports, multiple power options, and a wide range of operating temperatures. Energy switches come in both fixed and modular architectures, providing flexibility to meet technical requirements. The energy solutions also include a wide range of precise time servers, converters, and time signal distributors.