ICOP Technology, headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, is a renowned global manufacturer specializing in industrial embedded computers, industrial embedded controllers, industrial motion controllers, and industrial panel PCs. These cutting-edge devices are instrumental in automating a wide range of control systems across various industries.

By leveraging ICOP's industrial devices, companies can enhance product quality, improve product reliability, reduce manufacturing costs, and surpass consumer expectations with high-quality yet affordable products. The applications of ICOP's solutions are diverse and include industrial and home automation, telecommunication, mobile surveillance, environmental monitoring, medical monitoring, facility management systems, intelligent transportation systems, automated parking control systems, gaming systems, and point of sale systems.

ICOP caters to a worldwide customer base, serving them through a global network of integration and distribution partners situated across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. With their extensive reach and strategic partnerships, ICOP ensures seamless access to their innovative industrial solutions for customers worldwide.
Manufacturer site https://icop.ipc2u.de/en/

ICOP Production

  • Foundation Year: 1998
  • Number of Employees: 250 employees around the world
  • Representative Offices: Taiwan, Japan, USA, Germany, China
  • Technical Support Centers: 6 centres
  • Production Facilities: factories in Taiwan and China

About ICOP Technology

ICOP industrial devices help companies improve product quality, product reliability, reduce manufacturing costs and exceed customer expectations by offering high quality products at an affordable price.

ICOP serves an international customer base through a global network of partners and distributors located throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. The company is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan.

ICOP Technology products

Application areas: industrial and consumer automation, telecommunications, environmental monitoring, medicine, facility management systems, intelligent transport systems, automated control systems, defence industry.

ICOP Technology Certificates

ICOP Technology pays attention to the quality and safety of its products, which is confirmed by international certifications such as:

  • ISO9001 (International standard regulating a set of requirements, compliance with which will help to ensure high quality of work and reliability of the manufacturer)
  • RoHS (Reduced Harmful Substances in manufactured equipment)
  • CE (European Certificate of Conformity)
  • FCC (Federal Communications Commission)


The production has 4 advanced SMT assembly lines and a DIP line using lead-free soldering technology with detailed inspection and testing, enabling ICOP to offer the most reliable industrial computers. Since the production lines are headquartered in Taiwan, ICOP can provide the fastest development, production and test line to serve OEM/ODM projects. The production line complies with 5S (sorting, keeping order, keeping clean, standardisation, improvement) and ISO-9001 standards.