Automotive Applications

The HQ-Box2 as a Single-Box Edge Server Platform for Automotive Applications

The Challenge

A large autonomous driving company was faced with a challenge when its vehicle hardware used for R&D in its autonomous driving application requires multiple hardware components. Sourcing of parts such as the server, the SSD hot swappable bay and the DC to DC converter for automotive applications was becoming challenging. Moreover,  the time consuming assembly required dedicated personnel using valuable resources for self assembly,  further prolonging lead time to deployment.

The Solution

With custom modification to the HQ-Box2  Heptagon systems was able to offer a single box containing a powerful board and ample hot swappable SSD storage slots. In addition the HQ-Box2 came with its own dedicated power supply with ignition awareness and vehicle mounting to support the customers demanding in-vehicle applications.

Instead of purchasing the components separately, having to assemble and integrate them , the company was now able to receive the ready to mount server, load its image and go.

This resulted in the innovative autonomous driving company’s ability to meet all its technical requirements in one enclosed solution dramatically reducing deployment time using less manpower and reducing risk, resulting in faster time to market.

About HQ-Box2 series

HQ-BOX2 is a series of rugged compact embedded fanless servers, based on Intel® Xeon® D-1700/ D-1800 server CPU’s embedding up to 10 Cores, 384GB DDR4 ECC, 8x 10Gb SFP+/ 4x 25Gb SFP28, and more features for embedded systems with multiple IO peripherals under extended temperature range.

Typical HQ-BOX2 applications include Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC), Edge Servers, AI accelerators, Autonomous Car, FOG Servers, 5G Radio access networks (RAN), Industrial automation and control, IoT Gateway, Private Cloud, Communication, Transportation, Medical, Microserver and more.

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